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What is the best way, to trim a beard?

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My preference is an adjustable height trimmer (examples).

If I really need it as neat as possible, I either use scissors or let my barber do it.

If it matters, I only trim mine when it gets soggy from drinking through it. About twice a month on average.

Agreed. I have a goatee rather than a full beard, but the electric shavers are incredibly easy to use and to do a good job with. You’ll want to be sure the trimmer comes with removable plastic height guards. I would suggest starting our with the highest one and progress downward until you find the guard that works for the length you want. Keep in mind that beard hair will go everywhere. It’s quite a messy process, I usually stand in the shower then go to the mirror after most if the beard is trimmed. Keeps me out if trouble with Mrs. OBBN, she tens to get mad if I leave little goatee hairs all over the counter.

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Scissors only. Stand the verge up with a brush, then mow it down with the scissors. It’s less even than with clippers, however.

I just have the barber do it twice a year, when I get my hair cut.

Chew the ends off. It gives that proper “unrestrained” look necessary for a convincing madman apocalypse seer.

Like this.

I use a Wahl hair trimmer with different length guards. I generally use a very short guard for my mutton chop/side burn area and upper cheeks. I then use a ½ inch guard on my jawline and a ¾ inch guard on my chin. Afterwards, I freehand blend the different lengths together and clean up my upper lip, cheeks, and neckline with the trimmer on its shortest setting.

My only advice would be to invest in a high quality trimmer.

Widest, finest toothed and largest comb you can lay hands on. Electric clippers.

Start from the face edge of the beard and work towards the neck edge. Use the comb to lift the hairs to expose that which you want to remove using the side of the comb to define the length of your finished beard. Wipe along the side of the comb with the clippers to shear off the exposed hairs. Reposition the comb to lift more hair and repeat with the clippers.

Or get somebody else to take care of it.

'Stache? Just let that soup sucking monster grow! And wax that thing. It can be trained.

Wax. One can of Murry’s Superior hair pomade. Orange can in the black hair care products section. Melt it and add some beeswax and less paraffin wax. Ratios secret. You’ll figure it out. Use it every day for proper effect. Can be used in your beard too.

I use an electric shaver to shave the parts where I don’t want beard (neck, high cheeks) and other places that grow unwanted hair on my head (tip of my nose, ear, etc)

Then the shaver has a beard trimmer. I use it to trim the edges of my beard. Then I push it against the grain of the hair to get the remaining hair (like on my neck) before going to the rotary heads to get the stubble.

Trimming the actual beard for length is done every 1-2 weeks with a comb and a pair of scissors. I keep mine fairly short.

Beard trimming attachment on the razor, though I’ve had dedicated beard trimmers in the past. When I want it to look good I need to use scissors daily, turning my head in front of the mirror to catch whiskers sticking out.

I used to use Murray’s back in college – it is probably one of the best-smelling products I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. I might buy a can again just to have around to smell.

I have a goatee, and use a battery-operated trimmer and a comb. The thickness of the comb determines the length of the hair, and combing “against the grain” makes the too-long hairs easy to trim. And I trim my sideburns the same way.

Depends on how long you keep it.

1 inch or shorter - electric trimmers with some sort of trimmer guards are quick and easy. Since the longest guard they typically come with is 1", you will probably need scissors or a trimmer without a guard (using a comb).

I’ve found that using a scissor or trimmer/comb in a mirror is next to impossible for me. I just can’t get it even. Need the wife or the barber to do it.

Agreed. I usually go outside to trim it. Since I’m usually using a cheap trimmer, I also have a habit of holding a finger over the plastic clip-on height guide. This is the result of more than once having the stupid thing pop off and leaving a gouge in the middle of the beard.

I hire my very own Amish hit squad to do the job.

It’s quick but a little messy.

This is easily the best trimmer I’ve used, and can be bought for under $15:

Some cheap trimmers you have to put on different guards, which can be difficult or they can come off. This one has excellent build quality and a built in, sturdy, adjustable guard. When you use it you will be dumbfounded at the low price.

Until a year later when it can barely hold a charge. I’m guessing the business model is to create a very high quality trimmer that should cost much more, but then force people to buy it over and over again due to battery issues.

edit: as for the process itself, I lay down newspaper over the whole counter every time.

hedge trimmer makes quick work.

head hair clipper with height guide in place.