Merlin Olsen Has Died

I know that the big news yesterday was Corey Haim’s death - but I have to tell you, I’m much sadder that Merlin Olsen has died.

I had the biggest little girl crush on him. His voice just gave me tingles down my spine, and I loved the gentleness that came through in his characters on Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy. Plus, I love men in beards that I can imagine cuddling up with.

And of course, FTD flower bouquet - he was the guy that introduced to me the concept.

Other than that - his amazing football career. Whenever Merlin did color commentary my dad would always tell me about his 14 Pro Bowls, 15 seasons, and only missing 2 games . . .

The world is a little sadder place for me today.

RIP Mr. Garvey.:frowning:

Aw, yeah he always seemed cuddley.
By the way, who proofreads those articles? “died from cancer Wednesday night from cancer.”

That’s too bad… He was fairly young too.

He was in one of my favorite MST3k movies, Mitchell. It was Joel’s last episode.

Olsen **still **holds the career Rams tackle record with 915.

I just loved him in LHOTP and he seemed like a good natured fellow. Sad, indeed.

He was one great player, a fearsome lineman as part of the Fearsome Four.

He’s one of those guys that you just felt like you knew. Here is the ceremony from December where the announcement was made that the football stadium at Utah State University was re-named Merlin Olsen Stadium. He’s obviously not well, but for a guy who is less than 3 months from dying of lung cancer, he walks onto the floor and up into the stands pretty well, though he made no comments.

When I first read he died, no cause had been released. Cancer? That stinks.

I became a Rams fan about the time of the Fearsome Foursome. If only they could get back to that…

Some disease with a real long name. Fuckin’ scientists.