Merry (early) Christmas To Me

♪♫♥I’m a Grandpa♥♫♪
:eek:I’m a Grandpa!:eek:
:DI’m a Grandpa!:smiley:
Ahem! Pardon me, Skippy got hold of the megaphone for a second.

Momma went into labor at 220pm local time.
Between 530 and 600 pm the Grand-Guestling (a boy) was delivered, with the appropriate number of eyes, ears, nostrils, appendages and digits, and other bodily accessories, still awaiting further statistics.

:cool:I’m a Grandpa:cool:

[Austin Powers]yeah baby, I’m a grandpa, yeah[/Austin Powers]

Sure, just in time to miss the edit window
(heh so what)

20 inches and 6.5 pounds.

and the pictures

Many congratulations on the new addition to your family!

May he always be happy and healthy!

Congrats! I’d love to see pictures!

If I can get Mrs. Guest to let me at her phone, I might post a pic or two. My 'puter doesn’t like my phone and just ignores it when I plug it in.

Congratulations! This will be your best Christmas ever!!

Many congrats Grandpa! Your life has just changed instantaneously for the better…well, you won’t realise that for a few months, but believe me, it has!

AND PICS PLEASE…yeah, I know all newborns are as ugly as sin, but maybe yours might be actually cute or something.


Naw, you’re wrong about that! Some are just more beautiful than others.

Congrats! At this stage of my life, the best babies are other peoples’ babies! :smiley: YAY!!

Welcome to the club, Gramps, you’re gonna like it here!

Mazel tov!

Mazel tov!!!

Congratulations! People forget how dangerous birth can be. On Tuesday I was playing Bridge with someone whose daughter had given birth and the newborn did not survive.

thank you all.

Unhappily (for you all requesting pics anyway) Mom has decided that she would rather not have pics of the grand-guestling posted online. Sorry folks.:frowning:

I know I want to, man I just wanna brag and brag and brag!
OH NO Quartz! that is so sad, my cousin just suffered a miscarriage last week as well leaving me feeling rather conflicted this week.

Grandkids are the best. You can love them and play with them and squee at them, and when they get noisy or smelly, you can just hand them back!

No pics is OK.

But you need to keep us informed about growth, hair-colour, nose and willie size AND how much grief he is giving his parental units.

Just so we can laugh at them…:smiley:

latest update, a teaser, of sorts

How quickly things go south :mad:

I’m not surprised, but Guestling the Eldest is somewhat and events are dragging him down a dark hole emotionally. I may have to be the asshole, emotionally speaking, to keep him from procrastinating on this legally.

Baby’s mom is playing headgames, Mrs. Guest and I are planning on an attorney, in party with Ex-Mrs. Guest and the Great Grands to fight for and protect our rights and interests with the newest addition to the family.

Fucking Family Drama already, and at this time of year.

Pics of Baby coming once I feel legally safe to do so (that’s the teaser part)


Dude, can you piss off all the pseudonyms and just give a synopsis of what is actually going on? My head did a few 360’s reading that!

Baby’s mother is playing games and stringing my son along while setting him up for child support and no custody/visitation. This is sending him into a downward spiral into depression. I will probably have to be an asshole towards him a bit to get him to take legal action in a timely manner. Me, my wife, ex wife and the great-grandparents are going to hire an attorney collectively to sue for our own rights and interests with the baby.