Message Editor Interface

I quote from the spiel in Options for the Message Editor Interface:

“When postings messages to the forums or other members, there are three interface types available to you.”

It goes on to say that your browser may not have the capabilities to show all of them.

OK, I’ve visited the Options page with IE6, Firefox 1.0, Opera 8 and Maxthon. In all of these browsers only TWO interfaces are offered: the simple text box and the Standard mode. The WYSIWYG option is available to none of them.

My question is just which browser would I need to use to have all three options on offer?

BTW I’m using Windows 98SE. Could that be the problem?

That’s vB boilerplate, which we have not custom tailored. We do not have the WYSIWYG option turned on. (Might consider it in future, we’re not sure right now how much resources that might eat up.)

At the current time, you get the two options: the Basic editor, which is just that, very basic; and the Standard editor, which has more options.

We may also be adding in the “Quick Reply” option in the next few days. When that happens, you’ll also have the option of simply going to the bottom of the post and filling in a box for a simple response. I expect the Quick Reply to have little or no options at all and just be a quick and dirty way to make a post.

your humble TubaDiva

If I may be permitted input, I recommend against the WYSIWYG. First, it makes editing atrociously difficult – embedded codes display as what they code for instead of how they code for it, and figuring out how to deactivate a stray code can be a beast. Second, on a board with a lot more options turned on, I’ve seen it abused – bizarre fonts and colors (possible to an extent here, but requiring coding people don’t care to do when they cannot see the results until after posting).