Message Forward in Facebook, and checking account?

I got this PM in FB this morning:

I don’t know what it means to ‘check my account’. How would I know if someone is using my name?

I looked at the PM box, and there is no ‘message forward’. Upon having a few sips of coffee, I see she said ‘hold your finger on the message.’ That sounds like something you do on a phone. I ‘never’ use PM in FB on my computer, let alone on a phone!

Finally, whose account is hacked? Do I have a doppelgänger sending messages as me? Or is the person who sent me the message the one who has been hacked? (I notice that she’s continually posting those contest scams.)

Oh, and I rarely respond to Friend requests, myself.

Ignore the message. It’s a hoax/fake. See Snopes on it.

I got the exact same message. Unless you are also friends with Bernard, I suspected it was just internet flotsam and ignored it. I am glad to find out that it was.

I have been getting quite a few new friend requests these days, all from people I know, but I rarely accept them. I rarely use my personal Facebook, anyway. I do have a business Facebook account that gets used much more often. Funny, it never seems to get such messages…

Is there any way for the original poster to profit from having having this bogus message shared a few hundred thousand times?