Message from beyond the grave.

A few weeks ago a long time family aquaintance past away at 54. Jake was one of the original 60’s hippies and he never found a drug or drink that he didn’t try. It was that lifestyle that did him in but his greatest achievement the past few years was him becoming a computer guru. He could fix almost any problems and the systems he built were bulletproof. He was buried in his favorite jeans and a new Grateful Dead t-shirt.

He had a lot of friends and his funeral was well attended. Many friends of his slipped joints or loaded pipes into his casket, nothing like having something to smoke in the afterlife. After the funeral I was talking to Cindy, Jake’s widow. I reminded her that Jake loved a good practical joke and with her help, he could pull off one last joke. I suggested that she send an email from Jake’s email account to his buddies thanking them for the bud but it wasn’t going to do him any good, nobody left a lighter. She thought the idea was wonderful.

Today I got an email from Cindy. She sent out the emails a few days after the funeral but received only one response, the guy was apologetic, the email was written to Jake as if he was still alive. She went to Jake’s gravesite this morning and she was shocked what she saw. She said there was at least 20 Bic lighters on and around his grave marker. She said she has never laughed and cried so hard at the same time. I just emailed her back and suggested one more email from Jake and it only needs 2 words, Thank You.

Great story! I loved it :smiley:

Absolutely wonderful. I love a happy ending.

Thanks for the smile, racer72!


That is a wonderful story-loved it.

You should submit that to High Times. Betcha it gets run. Beautiful story.

That’s a fantastic story, racer, and kudos to Cindy for doing it–when someone you love has passed, sometimes the best way to cope is to realize that your loved one probably had a sense of humor about the whole thing. (I often imagine my friend Meghan looking down on me, subliminally coercing me into eating more fries than are good for me, just because it’s what she would have done.)

But I can’t believe nobody thought to give the poor man a lighter to take to the afterlife. Just goes to show how forgetful us stoners can be. :slight_smile:

Or they thought there’d already be plenty of fire where he was!

Great story.

Aw, this is a great story. My family has always thought laughter was the best medicine. You should have heard us hooting and hollering at my father’s viewing…I’m sure there were plenty of other mourners and the funeral home that evening that thought we were all certifiable, but we knew my dad would have wanted to be sent off that way.

:smiley: Love it.