Metallica MTv Icon. Anyone seen the commercials?

Of course I will watch this mainly because I grew up on Metallica, but the commercials kind of worry me a bit.

Is it just me or does the gang sound like shit in the short bits where they show them practicing? I know they are only 5 sec clips of them practicing, but James sounds like hell warmed over. It not a “there are no effects on him thats why he sounds crappy” kind of crappy sound. Its a “he can’t even come close to staying in the right key thru just a 5 sec clip” type of crappy.

Hopefully they will sound better than this when they play on the show.

And WTF is Limp Bizkit going to play? That should be interesting.

If they are practicing I wouldn’t expect them to sound that hot. and if you think that Hetfield’s voice isn’t “modified/changed” in the studio and while out on tour you’re nuts.

As for Limp Bizkit, the question isn’t WTF are they going to play, the question is Why The F*** are they playing at all?

Where did you get the idea that I thought that his voice isn’t processed in the studio or on tour?

I think our first priority is asking that about Avril Lavigne. Or maybe Sum41.

Oh dear, dear, dearie me.

It’s practice, and he’s also just come out of rehab. Wait and see how the concert sounds.

I really didn’t think Het sounded that bad. His voice seems to have gotten a little higher, but that’s okay.

Now, back to this Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne shit. Who in the blue hell picked these bands? KoRn I sort of understand (they were on the last Summer Sanitarium, and Jonathan Davis can absolutely nail “One”) but Sum 41? Avril? WTF?

What about an actual, you know, metal band covering Metallica? Why is that so impossible, MTV? Why? Why is it all about the shitty Canadian pop stars? Is there no current metal band in this world pretty enough to be on your station? I don’t understand, MTV. Why are you so cruel?

Wanna hear a tale of woe? Tough shit, cause here one comes.

I am perusing the music selection at a local bookstore, and check out there Metallica section. Don’t know why, as I have all their albums, but I do. Anyhow, I spot something called “The Blackest Album” which is a tribute to Metallica…a bunch of bands covering their stuff. I figure, “Why not?” it’s only 15 bucks, how bad can it be? When I get home, as I’m unwrapping the thing, I noticed a critical word that I had overlooked before. It’s an industrial tribute to Metallica. Good Lord, it is horrid. The opening track is “Nothing Else Matters,” it has some horridly uninspired techno beats, then some gay dude on 'Luudes starts singing with a semi-British accent. The horror. The horrror.

Ever since then (aside from learning to be ultra-cautious when buying albums) I’ve been looking for someone to offload it on, and I just had an idea. Anyone out there in SDMB-land want it? I will mail it to you (my expense) anywhere in the continental US, then after you’ve listened to it, try and find someone else on SDMB who is willing to give it a listen, and mail it off to them. And of course, post any thoughts you have about it. if anyone is interested.

Back to the topic at hand: WHY AVRIL? Honestly!?!? I don’t really have a problem with anyone else, but Goddam! Along the same lines, what is up with the Sanitarium lineup? Deftones? They’re pretty good, and I hear they rock live, but they’re not exactly metal. Same with Linkin Park. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going, but I’d be perfectly happy if it was just Metallica, or even any one or two of the other bands. I mean, it basically boils down to 4 warm-up bands, because I don’t know anyone who is going for anybody other than Metallica.

Mudvayne is on that tour too. They are a spectacularly talented band and are great live. No one in rock today can touch their bass player. As far as Deftones go, they were a pretty good band until they pussied out bigtime with White Pony. Shitty album. I like the new song of theirs that is getting a little radio time now, but its not very heavy. I think LB and LP are the 2 bands that stick out like a sore thumb on this tour. The kids that will pay to see those groups probably aren’t really into Metallica and vice versa. I will bet there will be alot of boo’s from the old school Metallica fans when those 2 bands take the stage.

Can’t really count on good bands covering a given MTV Idol. Shakira performed “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)” last year, for God’s sake.

Stinkpalm, you’re right about Mudvayne, if it was just them and Metallica, that’d be just fine by me. Do I count as an “old school Metallica fan” 'cause I’ll be with those booing LP and LB? Even though “Kill 'Em All” is eight months older than I am?

Did they at least get Apocalyptica?

I’ll watch as well. And as many of you I grew up with the Mighty Met and have all their albums as well.
Anyone, who has all their albums has assuredly heard of Metallica Binge and Purge Live Mexico City right?

Guess what?

Phlosphr was there!!

Sickest concert I’ve ever been to. Friggen amazing.

Anyone else watch this tonight? I found it to be a tad disappointing. They pretty much went out of their way to avoid mentioning Jason Newstead. That was weak. The bands that played were pretty horrid too, though I missed the first 20 minutes of the show. I guess they didn’t want to play the entire songs. I know Korn and Limp Bizkit played about half of the song each.

And where did they dig up all these hosts/talkers? Michelle Branch? Avril Lavigne? Sean Penn? Huh? I guess instead of letting metal bands play and letting metal fans be part of the show they wanted to make it as TRL as they could.

Oh well. No suprises I guess.

That 20 minutes you missed constituted the Jason Newstead portion of the show. They did mention him. In fact, he got more of a mention than Cliff did.

Sum 41’s medley was okay, although their lead singer CANNOT carry “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” The Master solo came off a little high, but not too bad.

Avril should be shot. End of story. James hated it, Lars was playing air drums and hoping the drummer didn’t screw up, while Kirk was laughing.

The acoustic “Nothing Else Matters” wasn’t too bad, although I hear they did a longer version with the solo that got cut and replaced with the short one.

KoRn did a good job with “One.” The decision not to play the ending solo was disappointing, but Jonathan Davis did a great job on the vocals (he sang it when James missed some shows on the first Sanitarium tour.)

Limp Bizkit nailed “Sanitarium.” They did play the whole song, and Fred turned in the best performance I’ve ever heard from him. Everyone loved it.

When Met finally took the stage, I was pumped. The medley was great, James’s voice was fine, and getting to hear “Blackened” and “Creeping Death” was great, especially when they led into “Battery.” I’m also glad we heard “Frantic” off the new album, because I’m ready for it to be out now.

I really enjoyed watching the first “chapter” of the documentary they showed (the part that discussed the Newsted breakup and all), mainly because I didn’t know the whole story until now.

I thought that Limp Bizkit actually sounded pretty damn good UNTIL he did that stupid “leave me alone… all the people on the left say leave me alone” thing. This is not a god damned hip-hop show, jackass, stick to the metal yelling thing.

I thought Avril’s backup band sounded good (the guitars at least), Korn was pretty good but Fieldy’s bass sounds stupid when playing “One”. I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes when Snoop Dogg got up there, that was not a well thought out endeavor. Sum 41’s little medley actually sounded not too bad, either. As for Staind, I think that Aaron Lewis’ voice is too warbly for that song. You need a commanding cowboy voice to sing that tune.

The best part of the Metalli-medley at the end was that they opened with “Hit the Lights”, and that Jaymz has cool new facial hair. He definitely has to go back to the “Cowardly Lion” look from the AJFA/Black Album era. That new song they played at the end kicks all species of ass. I can’t wait til June 10th. Did you also know that you get a free DVD when you buy the CD? It shows the band performing all the new songs “live” in the studio rehearsal space.

I finally saw the first 20 minutes of this show the other day and I have to take back my comment about Newstead. They did in fact spend alot of time on that subject in the 20 minutes that I missed.

I also thought that Sum 41 did a really good job on the medley. They were the only band all night, including Metallica, who played a Metallica-style solo. There were some half-attempts by other groups, but these guys went all the way thru Master if Puppets solo.

I still think that Korn sounded like shit. Limp Bizkit sounded so so.