Mexican Food

Fancy a salad? Weird.

It wouldn’t pay to be an attorney at that restaurant. Sounds like a good idea to me. I had about enough of the lawyers around here myself, doctors too. I don’t know if I could stomach then very well though. Most of 'em are already pretty rotten as it is. :wink:

Wonder how many salads you could make out of one lawyer. Some of them are pretty big.

Last year, we visited Door County. The northern part is Washington Island and when we took the ferry there, we saw several restaurants advertising lawyers which evidently are a type of fish.

For those who are still confused, this is a French Tex-Mex Restaurant, and they have confused the vile avocado with the somewhat less vile abogado – Spanish for lawyer.

The French word (I presume the original menu is in French) for lawyer and avocado is “avocat”.

Mmmmm . . . “goat heat”. Or, yum! “pink shrimp bouquet”!

Make sure you check out the Restaurant tab, and click on Restaurant again. A marvel of a translation!

So the restaurant is IN France…no wonder the menu and others things on the site are so fucked up. I was reading some of the translations, they must’ve used babelfish or some other software translator. I especially liked the mannequin of Clint Eastwood in the restaurant, nice touch.
They probably do well in France selling authentic Tex-Mex to the folks there. Probably about as good as dining here at a fine French restaurant.
Then again… the Tex-Mex here ain’t so great at most of the places I’ve been.