MGM 1949 studio portrait

A local restaurant has a black and white copy of this hanging in their entryway.

Whenever I’m there, I try to figure out who everyone is. Although these are stars from my parents’ generation, I can name maybe a quarter. But I’m curious about the rest. I’ve hunted around online but haven’t been able to find a list or a key. Anybody got any ideas on identifying them all?

Here ya go.

NEW YORK - 1949: FRONT L-R: Lionel Barrymore, June Allyson, Leon Ames, Fred Astaire, Edward Arnold, Lassie, Mary Astor, Ethel Barrymore, Spring Byington, James Craig, Arlene Dahl. 2ND: Gloria DeHaven, Tom Drake, Jimmy Durante, Vera-Ellen, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Judy Garland, Betty Garrett, Edmund Gwenn, Kathryn Grayson, Van Heflin. 3RD: Katharine Hepburn, John Hodiak, Claude Jarman, Jr., Van Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Louis Jourdan, Howard Keel, Gene Kelly, Alf Kjellin, Angela Lansbury, Mario Lanza, Janet Leigh. 4TH: Peter Lawford, Jeanette MacDonald, Ann Miller, Ricardo Montalban, Jules Munshin, George Murphy, Reginald Owen, Walter Pidgeon, Jane Powell, Ginger Rogers, Frank Sinatra, Red Skelton. BACK: Alexis Smith, Ann Sothern, J. Carroll Naish, Dean Stockwell, Lewis Stone, Clinton Sundberg, Robert Taylor, Audrey Totter, Spencer Tracy, Esther Williams, Keenan Wynn. (Photo by PoPsie Randolph/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Wow. That was quick. Thanks, Maserschmidt.
Now I’m off to see if my guesses were right. In addition to learning who all those others actually are…

MGM held a big lunch on the 25th anniversary of their founding (and I just realized that this year is the 100th anniversary of their founding), which was to highlight their slogan “More stars than there are in the sky” or something like that, and you can see part of a film of that event in one of the That’s Entertainment movies, I think it was #2. It’s very interesting to watch. This photo probably comes from the same event.

I will note that Al Traina was 22 when this picture was taken, and he is nowhere to be seen. Unless he’s actually taking the picture.

No Tom & Jerry? They made more films for MGM than any of those slackers.

I recognize Lassie!

I love that. I like that they’re just hanging out.


As did I.