Michael Bolton in the Honda commercials

Everything I know about Michael Bolton:

  1. He used to have long hair
  2. His music is widely derided.

So now he comes along singing for Honda. These are the most awkward, forced, unlikable advertisements I’ve seen in recent memory. His graceless posturing and strained vocals seem like a parody.

Are there really folks who like his voice?

(Oh my Og, the commercial just came on the telly as I was typing that last sentence, no joke. The wind is gonna Blow, Blow, Blowwwwww).

Are you with me or agin me?

Pretty sure the commercials are supposed to be parody.

Maybe Old Navy will hire him next.

Maybe it’s just me, but he looks constipated when he’s singing.

I wonder if he knows anything about money laundering.

Back in the day, I saw him in concert. **Rhiannon8404 **used to work in local radio, and was offered free tickets. We thought, “Michael Bolton? What the heck, the price is right,” so we took them.

The man put on one hell of an entertaining show. So I have a bit of a soft spot for him now…

Yeah, they’re definitely parody.

Personally, I love it when a celebrity pokes fun at his own image (c.f. Shatner, Hasselhoff, etc.).

Michael Bolton, IMO, is Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer. When he was on his 15 minutes, everyone loved him. The moment he was no longer popular, no would admit to ever liking him.

My BFF in high school just drooled over him. I never got it, and never liked his singing. Apparently, there are plenty of others like her who like him, though. I was glad when he finally cut his hair.

The commercials, while I still don’t like his voice, are kind of funny.

Honestly, the hair was the only thing that ever bothered me about him and now that’s been dealt with.

I think he’s hilarious.

Watch him in this music video. “Jack Sparrow”

My old boss went to high school with him.

(Yeah, I know it’s off-topic, but ti’s the first time this millennium I’ve had a chance to drop that little nugget into a conversation.)

I had no idea. Guess I don’t know him well enough.

I feel dum.

I find those commercials annoying.

One of my favorite Michael Bolton references. (Slightly NSFW)

Incredibly annoying. So annoying, the car company should fire their ad agency. Parody or not, it’s meaningless and silly.

Haven’t seen that for years. In my book anyone who is willing to mock themself is invulnerable to criticism.

I think they are funny. He’s poking fun at himself.

I always expected the vein on his forehead to explode when he sang. Intensity even when singing light ballads

Yeah, like Fabio appearing in Jill Sobule’s “I Kissed A Girl” video. It makes him actually cooler to do so.