Michael C. Hall on History channel

He narrated a show about World War II. I did not recognize his voice until I saw his name in the credits.

I guess everyone has to start somewhere

The entire run of Six Feet Under counts for nothing?

“Name” narration is kind of a thing, now.

He did the narration before Six Feet Under. The link says 2005 but the show credits said it was done 2001.

I’ve recognized him as the voiceover on some commercial that’s running currently–I forget what it’s advertising but I identify the voice as “Dexter” and I think “That’s pretty creepy, getting a serial killer as your spokesman.”

He used a very serious tone of voice for this show, it was about the battle of Stalingrad.

He does the Dodge Charger commercials.

You’d think Dexter would promote something with a roomier trunk. :wink:

“If I could feel hate, I think I would hate the Nazis.”

his charger ads