Michael Jackson's on Fire

This reminds me of the Anthea Turner clip. She’s a very shallow annoying British TV personality. That being said I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

What’s the story on that Anthea Turner clip?

There was some other female British TV personality whose nose collapsed entirely. Might have been due to cocaine use, but I’m reluctant to say for sure. Anyway, I saw a photo of her that was much more horrifying than the MJ photo linked here, and that’s saying a lot. No division between the nostrils. UK Dopers, ring a bell?

(And I would also like to know how well Anthea Turner recovered, if at all.)

Ah, the BBC thoughtfully put up a retrospective of sorts called The Many Faces of Michael Jackson. Quite creepy.

I’m old enough to remember the Pepsi commercial during which his hair cuaght fire. His brother were lined up at the front of the stage and he was supposed to have a dramatic entrance at the back, silouetted in the doorway with pyro effects going on behind and beside him. Hairspray is flammable. His scalp got a little roasted, but nothing that left obvious scars.

I Googled and found some background story. The site that provides the update has some sick and twisted videos of people being maimed and killed, so I’d rather not link to it if the mods are okay with that. I’ll periphrase the general info:

It was supposed to be a controlled stunt of that accompanied some on-the-scene reporting of a tournament. The cloth on the back of the truck was impregnated with a type of flash explosive that was to be detonated by the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist couldn’t see Anthea and wasn’t aware that she was sitting on the back of the truck.

Presumably/obviously there was a catastrophic mis-cue.

She wasn’t hit by the motorcycle – when she did her split-second duck-and-cover, she leaned away from the pyro-effect. Leaning forward she was just barely missed by the bike. The intense flash explosion set her hair and microphone on fire and she sustained second degree burns and temporary hearing loss.

Glad to see she’s okay, annoyed to see it’s on “funniest video” sites. (Though she may have been an annoying celebrity, she could have been killed.)

bordelond, Equipoise is saying that Michael Jackson is reproducing so that he doesn’t have to leave home if he wants kiddie nookie. Of course, that’s a lie, as the kids are neither biologically his nor Debbie What’sherface’s, and that everyone’s being bought off so Psycho Michael can have his baby harem.

Twenty years from now, the kids will be insane, write bestselling autobiographies, and off themselves. Or maybe they’ll write their autobiographies first, and then go insane, and then off themselves. Whatever. But despite those years of abuse, they won’t have tried to escape Neverland Ranch or sued anyone. Because they’ll be twisted mindless zombie offspring.

Cite? Aside from the newest child who seems to have just “appeared” (cloning experiment?) the other two were said to have been conceived through artificial insemination, MJ and ex-nurse. Where’s it been established the kids are biologically unrelated to MJ/nurse? Curious minds want to know.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Michael Jackson and Helena Bonham Carter.

Remember this old joke?

What Michael Jackson’s favorite charity?

The Ignited Negro College Fund.

Hee hee. That still kills me after all these years.

Can anyone find that site that runs a looping slide show of MJ through his career? It’s like watching a trainwreck to see him change his face through the years.

Well, this isn’t the one I was thinking of, but this page has a link to a slideshow that is essentially the same thing: http://www.nbc4.tv/#

I think Helena Bonham Carter is much better looking.

Uh, I was mocking Equipoise’s post. If you’ll read his posts, you’ll see that he was the one who implied that the children weren’t the real offspring of the pair when he put ‘mom’ in quotation marks.

Wasn’t this around the time that Richard Pryor burned himself freebasing cocaine?** I remember a pretty tasteless joke about how one was done in by Pepsi, the other by Coke.

** Sorry, I’d do a search myself, but the DSL connection is really bad tonight for some reason - it’s taking me a freaking minute to load a single page. I really hate Sprint.

Daniella Westbrook. Big cocaine user, no septum.

Thanks Tansu. I did a Google search, and I’m not going to post a photo of her sans septum, but here’s some shots of her, intact. Amazing that someone so hot would want to endanger their looks.

Not a slideshow, but a great page related to this anyway:


Apparently the plastic surgeon who used to work on him (the one, I guess, who changed him from a good looking black man to a pretty white woman) has issued a public statement disavowing any role in whatever he’s doing now. Wise move.