Michael Moore-Are You Happy Now??

Michael Moore-you are an ASSHOLE!!!

The Marine that you “profiled” in your “film” Fahrenheit 9/11 was killed in Iraq today!
And you wouldn’t make a comment! Not even to say you’re sorry to hear about his death!

I hope you, or one of your cronies or somebody tells you they saw this little message to you!

Watch out Michael Moore–while you’re out riding your broom, someone might drop a house on you!!! (Maybe it’ll be me!!)

Got a cite?

Errr…yes he should probably make a statement, if he knew him and he was in his film. But how does his getting killed make Michael Moore an asshole? When Moore made a movie in large part against the war that killed him?

Not as bad as (as happened today) the guy resonsible for the war used a guy who had his legs blow off for a photo op.

I hate Michael Moore, but I must ask… so?

I hope that after you drop a house on him, you issue a press release outlining your sorrow at his death.

FYI, I mean a cite that Moore declined to make a comment. There’s plenty of news about the soldier dying, I just can find anything about Moore not making a comment.

You know, if I posted a thread in the Pit about how an Iraqi soldier got killed, and said–

A) That’d be a death threat on the president (okay, albeit an extremely goofy one) and therefore illegal, but more importantly…

B) It’d be really freakin’ stupid and the board’s conservatives would be all over me (and rightfully so).

Err, I meant “I just CAN’T find…”

I may be misinformed here, but wasn’t it one of the asshole recruiters that was killed in Iraq? The ones he filmed preying on the poor and optionless to join the military?

I wouldn’t issue a statement either. If you don’t have something nice to say and all.

The news just came out. I doubt if anyone’s even talked to Moore yet.

Here is theCNN story just in case anyone is wondering.

Fuck, what a stupid thread. (And it’s made all the stupider by the fact that if Moore released a statement, somebody else would probably Pit him for hogging the spotlight and not being respectful.) CNN doesn’t say that they tried to contact Moore, which means they probably didn’t. So it’s idiotic to say that he “wouldn’t make a comment.” People don’t generally go to the news with their comments on the news, rippingtons_fan. You dope.

You’re just now figuring this out?? What planet are you living on? Apparently, they don’t get cable there.

Funny, that story says nothing about Michael Moore refusing to comment, being unavailable for comment, or even if they bothered to ask him to comment. And the story was posted just two hours ago. Ya know, if this is breaking news, perhaps M.Moore doesn’t even know about it yet, or hasn’t prepared a statement yet? No matter what his politics are, he’s a busy guy with a career and a life…unlike some.

(And FYI, somebody already dropped a house on M.Moore. That’s why he’s shaped like a Weeble Wobble.)

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, Oh, come on. This OP is fungible.
Are you happy with your fungible OP rippingtons_fan?
Are you Glad whatshisname got killed, so you could write it?
You are an asshole.

The OP is stupid. The entire thread is stupid.

Michael Moore killed a Marine?

And now he won’t say he’s sorry, either!

Michael Moore is important, perhaps a bit extreme and poor stylisticly, but who cares, he brings important issues to the table and causes discussion of things we might not otherwise address. He IS NOT an asshole. He is a citizen who is making a tremendous contribution to society, more than most.

I dont like his movies particularly, I certainly do not always agree with him, and I dont agree with a lot of his methods, but I do admire his tenacity and effort. If you dont agree with him, make your own film, create a website with a message board, stage a public protest. Whining about him in a board is pathetic, IMHO, and with all due respect of course.

And really: “film”. Like it’s not a real film, but a “film”.

I gotta ask, when you were typing this, did you stop at the words “film” and “profiled” and actually do that annoying quote motion with your fingers before you typed them. Cause if you did, I hate you, whoever you are.

The whole freakin’ system is stupid! You want the truth? You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! 'Cause when you reach over and stick your hand into a pile of stupid that used to be your best friend’s face, you’ll know what to do! Forget it, Marge — it’s Chinatown!