Michigan Dopers Help! I need to find a restaurant in Traverse City!

My father’s Birthday was a couple days ago, and he’s the kind of guy who it’s impossible to buy for. In fact, my mother’s put out the word NOT to buy him anything since he really doesn’t care either way.

That said, I want to get him a late birthday present. He and my mother are going to Traverse City next week for a mini-vacation, and I was thinking if I could find a good restaurant I’d get them a gift certificate. No way my Dad is going to say no to a big steak and a couple o’ drinks paid for by the daughter!

Trouble is, I’ve never been to Traverse City, and don’t know the first thing about the restaurants there. Anyone know a pretty good traditional kind of place? Someplace with great service, a good bar, and steaks, pasta, etc. The service part is important, as is quality of food.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been to this restaurant in the area, it’s in the “traverse city area” but not in traverse city. I think it might be an hours drive or so but it is considered one of the best restaurants in the midwest. it’s called Tapawingo & they have a website at:

The food is a bit modern, but not froo-froo. (you can look at the menu on their website, it changes daily) The service was exceptional. Everything was outrageously delicious. The prices are very reasonable (around $40-$50 for a 3 course meal). Basically, I was with some friends, we were skiing at Shanty Creek, & we got the name of the restaurant out of a guide without knowing anything about it. So we called them and got directions, and we told them we would be there about 7:30, which they said they were closing early and that would the latest seating. First off, we weren’t dressed very well as we hadn’t planned on going out to anything fancy. Second, we got there a half an hour late (got lost repeatedly) and they acted like it was no big deal and everyone stayed late to serve us an awesome dinner without acting like it was a big thing, making a sincere effort to make us comfortable and not at all rushed. The timing and graciousness of the service was off the charts, and the atmo was not at all stuffy (except in the sense that everyone was stuffing their faces haha).

They work a lot with local ingredients and with game. Some of the food sounds like some wierd combinations but everything I ate was sooo good, I remember some of it to this day.

Damn! Tapawingo looks GREAT. Unfortunately, they’re only going to be in Traverse City on Tuesday & Wednesday nights, then they’re headed to Grand Rapids. Anyone got any other ideas, for either of those cities?

I’ll send an e-mail to Sledman. His wife’s family is from around there. I’ll send one to Mrs. Sledman’s cousin too, she lives in Traverse City. Results to follow…

Oh yeah, look up Milossarian as well. That’s where he’s from

OK, as of right now, we have reservations at Bower’s Harbor Inn. Looks pretty good, but if someone has a better idea reservations can change. As always, I trust the teeming millions with my life, so trusting 'em with my Dad’s Birthday present is nothing.

You might want to try a place called Embers–it’s on the water and serves traditional food, like steaks, pork chops, fish. We used to go to Traverse City regularly, but haven’t been in a couple years. Happy Birthday to Athena’s Dad!

I’ve been to Bower’s Harbour, and it is a fine choice. Has a view of the water.

My parent’s always take visitors to Windows, which is about a ten minute drive up the little finger toward Sutton’s Bay. It has a really nice view of the west arm of the bay.

Windows Restaurant
7677 S West Bay Shore Dr, Traverse City

(Doesn’t appear to have a Web Page)