Michigan Loses!

Michigan Wolverines lost to Appalachian State today.

Thank you Mountaineers!

I have hated Michigan since I was a kid. Dunno why. I rejoice. :smiley:

It’s like Christmas and my birthday!

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I never realized until all of these threads how much hostility certain people have toward Michigan. We may be comprised of 50% arrogant, rich snobs, but I thought that’s normal for college? Why else would you hate us?

This is really kind of strange for me. When I was a volunteer in Mexico this summer, the one other girl who was volunteering was from Appalachian St. University, which I had never heard of. And now this place I had never heard of until this summer just totally smeared my team.

I wonder if she is thinking the same thing about me, only in reverse, and with a smile instead of tears. :wink:

What he said.
Closing thread.