Microsoft Edge Start Page Questions

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I’m one of the gullible masses who have had the unrestrained pleasure of upgrading (HA!) to windows 10 complete with Edge.

I’ve fixed most of the problems that I was having with it but I’m still stuck on two:

  1. When I open a new window it goes to an unnamed page in a window labelled “start”. I want it to open to the Google.Ca page - I’ve set it as my homepage but that means I have to open edge and then click the “home” icon. I’d like to have it automatic.

  2. In explorer if there was something I wanted to search one a page I just highlighted it, right clicked and went to “search with google.”

Is there a solution to these problems or is it just another case “new and improved” meaning “inconveniently and hopelessly altered?”

Thank-you in advance for any and all advice - but especially the useful or amusing ones!


click the More Actions button (three horizontally aligned dots) in the upper-right portion of the Edge window.
click Settings from the menu
In the Settings sidebar, select “Open With.”
click the button labeled ‘A specific page or pages’ and in the drop-down below, choose: Custom.
Depending on your browser’s configuration, you may also have the Edge start page listed here, named “about:start.” If you do, delete it by clicking the “X” to the right of the entry.
in the box labeled “Enter a web address,” type the URL
click the plus icon (+) to the right of the URL box to add your new Edge start page to the list.

You kick ass!

Thank-you so much :smiley:

Question #1 answered expertly.

Anyone have any ideas as to question #2?

I haven’t tried it in edge, but in Firefox you can highlight the text, release the mouse button, then click and drag it to the URL bar.

If not, I’m sure someone will make an add-on once Microsoft enables them, which should be soon.