Microsoft Office 2013 Office Corporate Discount Question

I know someone that bought this from their company and got the corporate discount and paid $10 for it and its a yearly fee. The thing is their laptop is very slow and i was thinking about doing a complete reinstall of windows 7 on that laptop. However the person doesn’t really want to do that b/c if they do, they are not sure if they could use the license again on a new computer.
Can someone tell me if you could reactivate the same code? I would figure its highly unlikely for this to be the case because what if someone has to do a complete wipe of their computer? What if they decided to longer use that computer and either use another computer or buy another computer?

Not sure what discount you are describing. Before retiring, the company that I worked for (8500+ employees) was a participant in the Microsoft Home Use program which allowed employees to purchase current versions of Office Professional, Visio and/or Project for $10 each directly through Microsoft. Each product was sold as a one time transaction with no recurring fees. Is this the program you are describing?

If this is what you are talking about, you can uninstall on the first computer (need an internet connection) and it will re-install on the second with a valid license.

The person told me that its $10 a year though. Are you sure its $10 without recurring fee? That seem bit way too good to be true. But when was this though? I assume many years ago?

I bought Microsoft Office 2013 under the Home Use Program earlier this year for the one-time ten-dollar fee, so it’s still true. But the license is only for corporate employees and, I believe, only while you work there. So if you bought the computer from your “friend”, the license doesn’t transfer to you.

Many companies do have the Microsoft Home Use Program for Employees. It’s $10 and I think it’s a four-year license. You have to get a license key from you company in order to download it.

IIRC, the license is for up to five machines, so he can download a second copy after the machine is rebuilt. There should be a terms and conditions somewhere that specifies the number of computers.

In order to use it, you need the code and an email address at the company that’s in the program.

The person has this license on their laptop. But the thing is their laptop is very slow. So either they want to do a clean install of their laptop or they going to get another laptop. And they want to use microsoft office 2013 on it. It will only be that person using it, not me.
The thing is this person is wondering if they could reactivate it on another computer or not.

In my experience you can do this with any software. Uninstall/unlicense it on one machine, activate license on another. Each software has their own way of validating the license, but it is allowed.

The Home Use program has been in effect for some time and I used it at the beginning of this year to purchase Office Pro 2013, Visio and Project. My previous purchase of Office Pro 2010 also was for a one-time fee of $10. Your company must be a participant in the program.

And yes, it’s quite a good deal. :smiley:

There is no time limit as the fee is a one-time only payment. You are correct that a key is required from the employee to start the process. After the initial contact all other communication must be from your home or place where you will download, install and use the software. I had contacted Microsoft regarding the number of computers and was told that, along with their standard licensing agreement, the program could be installed on two machines.

Why not go to the source?

I have been able to install the same $10 HUP version of Office 2013 on 3 computers. I am not sure what the limit is. Perhaps the answer is somewhere in Duckster’s link. But installing it on 3 active computers is fine, because all I had to do was call the Activation phone number and correctly answer “3” as the number of home computers I installed it on, and it gave me another valid activation code.
And yes, it’s only $9.95 one time; not an annual fee.