Microsoft Outlook Tasks: How to do you use Task Groups?

I want to be able to organize my tasks (i.e. the to do list) into different groups.

In Microsoft Outlook 2007, under the “Tasks” tab, there’s an option to create a new group. But somehow I can’t copy / drag or create any task in that new group. Is there any solutioN? Why would they give you the power to create groups there if you can’t use it?

The groups aren’t for categorization of individual tasks – they are for categorizing task lists. So, if you had multiple task folders in your Outlook, or if you opened shared task lists belonging to other people, then you could move these additional task folders into groups. It works the same way with folders.

If you want to categorize the tasks themselves, use the Categorize feature (the categories apply to everything in Outlook – tasks, email, appts, etc.).