MS Outlook 2010 "New Task" default

Several years ago I was creating lots of tasks with the same category. I also had a customized tab that had a checklist on it that was attached to each task. Then my job duties changed and I never had a need for tasks anymore, and haven’t used them in a long time.

Now I want to start using tasks again but I don’t want them to have the default category and checklist. However, whenever I hit “New Task,” the default task seems to be that old one, because it creates a task with that category and checklist. I think there may have been some VBA involved in creating that task too because now it gives me a script error every time I create a new task, or try to open a task. However, the VBA script, if it ever existed, is gone.

Anybody know how to restore the default task template? I’ve looked everywhere. It probably doesn’t help that I’m pretty sure when I created that custom task I was on Outlook 2003, and I’m now using 2010.