Mid-Atlantic region happenings this weekend?

I have wheels and Sunday and Monday off. I’ve been busy so’s I don’t know what alls goin’ on.
Anything I shouldn’t miss 'round Norfolk this weekend?

Well, clearly you should find a bar somewhere to watch the Eagles lose to the Redskins… :wink:

I think we need another impromptu Dopefest this weekend, solely because I can attend, and that ChiefScott and I would love to watch the Eagles kick the Redskins’ collective asses among the enemy (right, Chiefy?).

Of course, we could wait until the Skins play the Ravens.


Montfort…I can’t host one here because of the roomie from hell, but I would be MORE than happy to watch the game with you and Chief. And watch my Redksins KICK SOME EAGLE ASS, BABY!



Where d’ya wanna meet?

Hrm. I am unfamiliar with bars around here. Yo Montfort! Know anywhere we could watch the game? Or hell…any OTHER DC dopers know?

The Hyudai rodent death mobile is parked facing north, fully gassed and ready to sweep up 64 to 95.

I just need an ultimate destination (and an approximate time I should be departing tomorrow.

Okay, the place is solved…I asked the roomie, and having y’all over here is cool. So…right now I have Montfort and Chief showing up. Anyone else? Who all needs directions?

And as for food…I was just figuring on ordering pizza. If someone could bring soda and chips, I’d love you forever. :slight_smile: Is that cool with everyone?

Hmm, I’ll be there alone watching the game with Falcon and Chiefy? Who wants to bet that I’ll be watching the second half alone? (smiley omitted, but damn, I want to use one here)

I’m in.

E-mail me the Dye-rections, Falc.

And Monty, no changin’!

Directions have been sent to both of you. Is one of you bringing soda/chips, or do I need to make a grocery run tomorrow?

I’ll bring soda and chips.

Preferences, changers, of the soda variety?

I’m fine with whatever you feel like bringing, Mont - I’d personally prefer diet, but I know you and Scott probably don’t, so I’ll keep my mouth shut. :smiley: