Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game. Fourth Adventure. Journey to Rivendell

Although he is eager to demonstrate his gratefulness, both for the gifts and for being included in the ceremony, Miron largely attempts to remain silent and inconspicuous. He’s absolutely terrible at social ritual, and doesn’t wish to risk offending their hosts.

After Gil-Gandel finishes his song, there is a moment of silence. Then the tribe all start knocking on the nearest pieces of wood (jerkins / blowpipes / tree roots / branches).

Ghân, grinning happily, tells Gil-Gandel this is the equivalent of a standing ovation!

The Headman bows to Gil-Gandel and says carefully in Common “Woses cannot match Elf in song. Many thanks.”

Deor, eager to make sure that he doesn’t surprise the Woses if Folca drops in unexpectedly, will whistle her down to his fist well in advance of entering the clearing. Once in the clearing Deor will stand quietly and respectfully, taking in everything he can to remember to tell his great-uncle Frea, who rode through here with the Rohirrim sixty years ago.

One of the Wose belches audibly. Nobody pays any attention.

Seeing Deor looking after Folca, the Wose nod approvingly.

After some more refreshment (fruit and water), the Headman quietly slips out the clearing.
Soon after the rest Wose wander off too, leaving Ghân to lead the party back to their fellow travellers.
Ghân thanks everyone for behaving so well, and says their journey can continue…

It is less than 20 miles through the Forest and the paths the party is led by keep it close to 20. The party camps near the northwest edge of Forest and the night is peaceful.

July 5th the party is back on the Great West Road, heading for Edoras.
It should be around 120 miles to the Bridge over the Merino Stream in the Firien Wood. The road should be safe, but this is a sparsely populated area. In case of dire need, Gilraen reminds the party that we can look to the squads of each Beacon along the way. We are near Nardol and then we shall pass Erelas, Min-Rimmon, Calenhad and Halifirien (or Amon Anwar) of course near the Bridge.

Deor & Gwaelur know there is the good size village of Merino Bridge at the Bridge and that will be the first place to buy horses, but if you can wait, Deor mentioned an Uncle closer to Edoras itself.

July 5th passes without incident though it is a very hot day. Frequent stops are made to water the horses and it is finally decoded that with an Elf to lead and Elf to follow and Deor to help guide a bit, the party will take a long break at noon and then ride into the cooler evening. The party makes good distance this way and goes about 45 miles.

A late camp is made and the Dwarves as companions already prove useful. The prep the camp, make a smokeless cook fire, dig a safe latrine and assist Miron in setting a perimeter and ensure they supply 3 Dwarves at any given time to supplement the party’s watch.
The watches are shifted forward for a later start so that at about 1am Miron, Renee, Elfstan, Mulligan and Frenin, Krenin and Ganil are all on watch.

Miron hears an odd noise to the south of the camp. Using hand signals he alerts the other watch standers.

What do they do?

If it’s something dangerous we’ll want to know long before it comes into camp, so I vote that at least one of our party members conducts a quick, stealthy foray in the sound’s general direction, preferably circling around a bit, so that anyone who spots him and tries to follow his direction of travel won’t be led straight to the camp.

I don’t think that a Goshawk would be particularly effective at night, so Miron will refrain from sending Swift Wing up and risking him to nocturnal raptors or other predators.

Thoroncir suppresses a grin. Obviously the Headman is a Wose of great wisdom and insight! :smiley: What was Gilraen’s reaction?

Gil-Gandel, well sung, as always.

Thoroncir is moved by the ceremony, and proud and thankful to have been made an honorary member of the tribe.

Just a mention that although Ghân is asleep, Brownie the Owl is hunting. If she is scared by something (big or flying), she will wake Ghân.

Renee thinks Miron and one Hobbit should investigate with Miron leading of course. She will stand ready to raise the camp.

Brownie has yet to be startled.

Brownie might be the best bet. Fang or Mulligan’s wildcat might also be good choices.

Until further notice, Deor will load:

C: Tie, Untie, Palm, Distract, Firefinger, Bee, Cough
1: Sleep, Shield, Magic Missile
2: Invisibility, Web

Who is starting invisible? Which animals and any party members?

Gilraen of course requested Missy again for invisibility.

Gilraen’s Spells:
5 x 1st: Cure Lights of double affect; Purify Food & Drink; Detect Magic; Detect Evil, Song of Estë that gives all of her friends a +1 Save and -1 to be hit and damage will discourage others from attacking Singer even more. It lasts as long as she sings. It is similar to the second level chant.
4x 2nd: Goodberries, Hold Person, Find Traps, Slow Poison

Before leaving Minas Tirith, she had checked all the Dwarves with a Know Alignment. Every Dwarf was Good.

She now has 43 Good Berries available, she feeds one to Missy every day.

Thoroncir is still snoozing, I guess.

Folca will start Invisible.
For the party, at least, Deor reminds everyone that if we wait until Edoras to buy new mounts, Uncle Aldor can probably give us a discount and can certainly assure us of excellent quality horses.

Mulligan will head off with Miron and tell the Wildcat to stay pretty silent.

If Ghân were awake, he’d tell you that Brownie (adapted for night vision, silent flyer) is definitely the best bet! :slight_smile:
Then he’d add the Wose saying “Those who wake a sleeping wolf get their fingers bitten - if they’re lucky” :eek:


Renee is ready to wake Thoroncir and Elfstan checks Sting under his cloak. It is **not **glowing. Elfstan is ready to wake Gil-Gandel.

The Dwarves are happy to hear no orcs are near. They have their crossbows loaded. They are ready to wake the camp.
Miron with Mulligan following behind go out to check on the noise. Miron finds signs that a human was near by recently.

“I sincerely hope that these footprints belong to a friend of the Wose” Miron whispers to Mulligan, “But as guests ourselves, I feel that it behooves us to help look after their territory. Would you have any objection to following this trail for a bit to see if we can spot the men who made these tracks?”

Gah, I’m an idiot- ignore my previous post. :slight_smile:

“We need more information,” Miron whispers to Mulligan, glancing down speculatively at the tracks. “Would you mind quietly running back to camp to make sure that Ghan and Gil-Gandel are awake and aware of what’s going on? It would be immensely helpful if they could send Brownie, at the very least, to get a better look at what’s going on.”

“While they’re doing that,” Miron continues, “I’m going to try and follow the trail.”

**Um, previous posts have said:

  • we’re 45 miles away from Wose territory
  • Brownie is already in the air and will wake Ghân if something big or flying is about
  • Gil-Gandel is superb at many things, but has nothing to do with Brownie
  • Ghân is asleep (and it would be immensely helpful if he stayed that way!)**