Middle Tennessee Dopers Check In - Tornadoes

Readyville still in place, although another line of storms coming through. I was a block away from the biggest tornado I"ve ever seen. I was on Broad and Church in M’boro and it looked about 1/2 a block wide over on Old Fort Pkwy.

Another cell coming through.


You still there StGermain?

Yep. I think the worst is mostly past.


In Murfreesboro there are two confirmed dead so far, one being a 9 month old baby. My cop neighbor says one touched down about a mile from our houses.


I’m in Chattanooga, and our center cleared the entire production floor (1200 people?) for a warning for about an hour.

Aesiron - Where did they put you all?


Fine in ClarksStupid. We had our wipeout tornado in 1999.

Just got off a 14 hour shift==> glad to hear your’re okay StG. But loosing a nine month old baby to storm struck a raw nerve. I feel for the family–it’s got to hurt like hell right now. :frowning:

We were put in training rooms along the east side of the building.

We were stuck there until 5:30 (I was scheduled to get off at 4:45, so I was a bit grumpy), but Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is in the same building, only held their employees until 5:00, and my best friend’s fiancee was outside waiting for him the entire time. She said it didn’t look like anything but a normal storm here. Being in the valley, tornadoes don’t touch down here that often.

Murfreesboro was a pretty scary place to be for awhile yesterday. But after that line of tornadoes moved through, it was beautiful outside.

Hendersonville area here – we actually had a bunch of drawings to leave early yesterday due to the weather. Luckily it all skipped us. My husband is in Tullahoma for drill – they brought them in from the field when the storms rolled through, but their chow hall tent was blown away – guess it’ll be MREs today and tomorrow.

My family, friends and I are all fine, but it came damn close to me. I clocked it today–I rode out the storm about 1/2 mile from where the mom and 9 week old baby were killed.

I’m glad to hear you’re OK, but a little disturbed that you apparently have enough tornado experience to compare them.

Angel, LOL at ClarksStupid. Wasn’t expecting that, though it fits. :smiley:

I’m in Memphis so missed it all. The sister I actually like was in the middle of it and though she escaped injury entirely, it was a near thing, as much damanage was done to the building where she works. She was distressingly near to where that poor woman and her baby were.

I was in Gallatin at the hospital right after it went through. I did some quick calling around to see if my workplace was still standing in Smyrna. It was, so I went on to work from there.

Glad everyone rode it out unscathed!