Will the Chance Estate Survive?

Cue the ominous music!

Tornado in Purcellville!

Some, whom I’m assuming is AnitaVacation just emailed me to warn me about it!

Will the manse survive?

The dogs?

The cats?

The midden?

Stay tuned!

Yow. That’s quite a nice storm you got there. Do you have a basement?

I remember being able to look out the window of my dorm and see tornadoes that were miles away (top floor of one of the tallest buildings in town, very very flat NW Ohio). Running down 10 flights of stairs once a week or so during the season was a drag.

My parents’ house was hit by one once. Blew the garage doors in and knocked the tree next to it absolutely flat. Blew out all the windows in the front of the house. Then it went down the hill, tore the entire second floor off a house down there (a mom and her 12-yr. old son had just made into into the stairwell from the second floor when it hit), then it went over into the woods. You could see the path of the tornado exactly - all the trees and brush were completely flat where it had traveled - right next to it everything appeared untouched.

I thought this was in reference to one of your wild parties. How was the one at the end of June? Did Maisson du Chance survive that one?

The maids will tell me today what they thought of Doper Destruction. Wish me luck.

Or perhaps I don’t have to worry about it, eh?

I just put on WTOP in case it heads this way.

Past Purcellville now. The warning is for Sterling and Fairfax.

Baby Kate’s daycare ran a duck and cover drill for the kids because it was projected to pass near Leesburg. Big excitement for a three year old.

No more tornado warning but we just got a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30, which happens to be the same time I leave work.

Yeah but none of you guys will be riding a motorcycle up 270 in about 10 minutes. Not only do I have to worry about some tornado taking me away I also get to worry about stupid people. At least a tornado you can tell from a distance.