Midterm Grades...DUM DUM DUM...


Sure they’re OVER, but I still have to see how I did, right?

In less than 24 hours- way way WAY less!!- i will receive my midterm grades. In some of my courses (hopefully Chem, AP English, AP U.S. History, and French). That is if my teachers have graded them all, but I think they will have. I’m so freaked out. I’ve been wanting to receive them so I can relax but I’m half afraid I’ll fail them.

Yeesh. Those- some of them anyway- were hard exams. I had to let some of this pressure out. All right. Now i’ll go downstairs and watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire. (Yes, i’m boycotting football.)

Just wish me luck, alright? My first class tomorrow is chem lab which starts at 8. SIGH…

I got a D+ in english. :frowning: My parents were pissed.

I’m dreading that evil white envelope in the mail. Grades aren’t due until Tuesday but I highly suspect that I failed Spanish AP Lit.
Pray for me?

:: hugs and prayers for all the young 'uns :: :slight_smile:

Don’t worry girls (and why is it only the girls that are stressing over grades), you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just learn how to wink in just the right way (you know the way I’m talking about), and you’ll get everything you want delivered to your door.

Heh, just kidding. Seriously, it sounds like you all picked up your lessons pretty well and that’s all that matters. After all, grades are fleeting, but knowledge (and diamonds, if you believe the hype) are forever. That being said, I’ll pray for you all the same. :wink:

Ah, well, I start year 12 tomorrow. I want to get this year over and done with.

Good luck, Zoggie.

Let’s hope the mods won’t have to re-nme this thread "Midterm Grades…DUMB DUMB DUMB

Pray for the scale. The average score for my class on the AP Physics B exam was something like 35/65…
Pray for the scale.
Though I did well on AP European History and Calculus Honors…

Let’s not talk about Spanish.

Okay the grades are in! or some of them anyway. And so far i’m quite pleased.

AP English- Well I don’t know so far actually. Not so bad though…she has to grade the last part, so tomorrow I’ll find out the final grade.

AP History- 90. :slight_smile: Yeah!

Chem- 81. (With the 10 point curve…a hard exam, IMO.)

French- A-, but that’s without the oral part factored in, so i’ll soon see my actual grade.

Latin and Math tomorrow, I know i’ll do well on Latin, Math i’m crossing my fingers on.

Good thing is i don’t have any homework since they didn’t give any from before the weekend, and I have my first sleepin tomorrow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my.

[pet peeve]

It is not grading on a curve when they say that “because all the scores were low, 80-90 will be an A rather than 90-100.”

That is an adjusted scale.

When they say “the top 10% get an A, the next 20% get a B, the next 40% get a C, the next 20% get a D and the final 10% get an F”, that is a curve.

The former rewards group mediocrity (or corrects for an excessively difficult exam) while the latter rewards performance relative to peers.

I dislike the former. Why reward mediocrity? And if the test was too hard, then it didn’t show anything of use, so you should retest.

I respect the former. But only when used in areas that are necessarily competitive. High school biology is not such an area.
[/pet peeve]