Mighty Big TV can bite my chonch

Yes, my chonch. There, I said it.

I go there for the recaps. That’s it. The recaps are well-written and generally entertaining. A good time-killer. Fun for all ages. What’s not to love? I don’t dick around with the forums or whatever, I just read the recaps. And because MBTV, like almost every other website out there, is provided for free, I never felt the need to bitch about the unbelievably slow servers.

And then they decided, in an attempt to increase ad revenue, to split up the recaps. They used to be on like 3 or 4 pages. Now each recap is on about 12 pages. The longer ones can go over 20 pages. So that’s 20 times I have to click “Next” and 20 times I hit an ad banner on their site, and 20 times they get ad revenue. Bully for them.

Well, with all their newfound ad revenue from forcing me to click 20 times to read one frigging recap, do you think they could, oh, I don’t know, UPGRADE THEIR GODDAMN SERVER? About 90% of the time, when I click “Next” to go to the next page of a recap, I get a server timeout. That wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t 20 fucking pages to click through. I tried to read the “Enterprise” recap earlier today for about four hours (switching to the browser window every so often and hitting “Refresh” again) before I finally gave up.

I realize that, as I said before, it’s a free service, if I don’t like it I don’t have to put up with it, etc. etc. etc. But Christ, if you’re going to have a site that is non-functional most of the time, can you at least take pity on your poor users and consolidate your content so that it doesn’t take 4+ hours to read one simple recap?


Is a chonch the same thing as a foofy?

I wouldn’t bother with the forums anyways, as the people who run it, Glark and Wing Chun, are the same people who run Hissyfit. Wing Chun is a psycho hosebeast with an ego the size of Texas.

No, isn’t it something Taco Bell just added to their menu? :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, if you like (or especially if you loathe) reality TV, try Planetsucks.com. They have episode summaries that are hilarious and a message board with very witty posters.

[sub]But I love you guys more! AAAWWWWW.[/sub]

The server works well at 2 AM-ish EST. If that helps.

I used to love Hissyfit, MBTV, Fametracker, and a lot of those other Chickclick sites. But I ended up leaving for a combo of Guin and MsWhatsit’s reasons.

The forums used to be okay, but they’ve done the same things to them as they’ve done to the recaps. They put about three posts per screen, and it takes forfuckingever to load (the big brother “Updates” thread ended up going on for, about 135 “pages” before I stopped reading it). And as time went on, Wing Chun didn’t seem so funny anymore. She’s like that nerdy girl who suddenly got accepted by the “popular people” and now thinks she can be a bitch to everyone else. It’s like she takes pleasure in bashing anyone who isn’t in her clique.

Oh well…I barely ever think to look anymore now that I’ve come here.

Yeah, the reason I don’t post in the forums is because I don’t want to be bitchslapped for forgetting some minor formatting issue, or whatever. I’ve seen people get banned for nothing more than posting consecutive posts a lot. I mean, come on. The Wrong Girl, I think your assessment is dead on.

Most sites don’t get actual revenue unless you click the ad (which is the wrong way to do any type of advertising campaign, but I digress.) They split the stuff up because they want to increase the page-views, so they have a higher probability of earning a clickthrough.

Of course, the whole thing goes to shit if the server can’t handle it, and you end up with less page views.

Smart, eh?

What cracks me up is that they and alot of people NOT on the site think they’re so witty and intellectual.

Bullshit. I have to say, compared to the SDMB, they’re pathetic. There’s no debate-just people agreeing with one another. You have to be their version of liberal. You can’t dis SUVs. Or gun control. You can’t ask questions about how the message board runs, because “No discussing the boards on the boards.” Posters kiss Wing Chun’s ass on a regular basis-well, her and her little clique.

She’s insane. I’m gonna post a link to a diary entry from way back. A very intelligent and witty Smile and Act Nice poster was banned from Hissyfit for saying she thought it sucked that Rufus Wainright was gay and therefore out of the picture for females. Well, after that, several SAAN posters decided to troll the board-I was not a member of SAAN at the time-in fact, it was before I was a HF poster.


They spammed them big time with multiple topics and postings consisting of nothing more than “WING CHUN IS A CUNT!!!”

Okay, so that would piss off Dopers, albeit. However, it also happened to happen, by coincidence, on her birthday. Glark threw her a surprise party. And did they say, “Okay, screw that, let’s have fun, maybe close down the boards and wait until tomorrow?”
No. Glark spent the entire party in the bedroom locking posts and cleaning up the mess, banning users and threatening SAAN with legal action-even though it wasn’t endorsed by Nikol, SAAN’s owner. Wing and her friends-many of which are HF columnists-also spent the entire party talking about it and looking over Glark’s shoulder. She went on a rant about how her birthday was ruined.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot HONESTLY see Lynn Bodoni freaking out and writing a SDMB column about Concrete writing LYNN IS A SUCKASS MOD!!! I can’t fathom Manny lamenting all over GD about the constant posts complaining about him in the Pit. I can’t see any Doper here complaining that their birthdays were destroyed by a Pit rant.

I can’t see Ed Zotti banning someone for having a signature, or signing their names to their posts. I can’t see anyone being banned without a warning.
Yes, as she keeps saying, it’s a privately owned board, and therefore, she makes the rules. But my god, go to Mookville sometime and ask about “Bitch Week”. For the record, she decided to throw something called Bitch Week. It was nothing more than an excuse to kick out people she didn’t like, and then, once they did that, to publically announce that she did it, and make nasty comments about the person all over the boards. My god, woman, what the fuck do you expect will happen?

Okay, we get trolls. And we don’t fucking like it. And yes, I suppose I’m being petty. But hell, I just can’t help but see what a shitty forum it was, when I’m here.

And Wing, if you, or any of your little groupies are reading this, feel free to make threads about how pathetic I am. But know that even the most pathetic of Dopers could kick your asses in a second. For the nice people of Hissyfit, this isn’t about you. You know who you are.

(BTW, when I left, I was described as a homophobic, intolerant, right wing self-righteous virgin. Hmmm…)

I’m thinking I’m not the only doper humming… “Everybody Wing Chun tonite…”

finally, a place where I can complain about Wing Chun! I have no obscenity filled rants about her or anything, but damn, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks she’s a giant bitch. I don’t get the whole hypersensitive moderation thing she has going on…i mean, if you can’t stand people doing things even slightly different than yourself, you need to stop trying to engage others in a dialogue.

and since this is the pit: Wing, you donkey-biting pocky mutton-head! I fart in your general direction!

Sarah Bunting (AKA Sars) also seems to do a good bit of the writing and editing for MBTV, and her stuff is uniformly funny and well-written. I’m a sucker for good writing, so I’ll keep going back just to read her recaps of a show (Dawson’s Creek) that gives me the willies when I watch it in real life.

The new format, though, is a major pain in the rear. And forget about the forums; the people who post there are the primary source of my irritation in yesterday’s thread about perpetual critics.

  • Frank

I’ve just gotten in the habit of reading the stories/articles/recaps and ignoring the forums completely. The fact that the recaps are split into a billion pieces is pretty annoying, but hell…I know that even if y’all think they’re all full of shit, I know I can’t write that well.

I don’t like or dislike Wing Chun. I’m pretty sure she and I would not get along at all IRL, and I don’t have any contact with her (since I no longer post to the forums) so it’s not an issue for me.

“Then why did you chime in?” “FUCK YOU!”


I would love to see the Dopers take on the HF/MBTV posters…that would be something to see.

Bwah! Thank you, The Wrong Girl. I shall quote you to anyone who asks why I don’t post on the MBTV forums much in the future.

Like Frank says, some of the people there are great - I love Sars, and also Jessica, who writes the X-Files and Big Brother 2 recaps, and moderates those forums much, much more nicely than Wing Chun would. It’s Wing and a few of the others who adopt her attitude that ruin the MBTV/Hissyfit experience.

And I really love Guin’s idea of a no-holds-barred battle royale between Dopers and HF/MBTV posters. Who wants to send the formal challenge to Wing Chun? :wink:

SDMB vs. Hissyfit smackdown! I’m all for it. Actually, not really. I think it would be cool for about two seconds and then all the posters here would get really bored.

I really liked bstewart, although I didn’t like the way that it was expected that you worship him. (Anyone notice the five “bstewart, you rock my world” posts that had to appear after everything he posted, regardless of whether it was particularly funny or not?) Blah. Esprix could kick his ass in a second.

I’m just SO glad to hear that I’m not alone in my exasperation with Hissyfit, etc. And Guin’s right. You couldn’t make any sort of statement whatsoever without being jumped on.

And list threads? Don’t get Wing started on list threads.

Wow, I had no idea this bothered me so much. Good air in, bad air out.

What’s a list thread? See, this is why I never post there. There’s about five million arbitrary rules for posting, and if you break any one of them, you find your ass out the door. Who can keep track?

Still can’t get the Enterprise recap to load today. I’m giving it up as a lost cause.

I just discovered MBTV a few days ago, and I’ve only been to the Amazing Race section (and I’ve read the recap for the first Wolf Lake.) Miss Alli and Heathen both seem pretty cool, and I love their writing styles.

LET’S not talk about individual posters-that’s not nice. Unless they’re Wing and her Mods and admins.

Just because I still talk with quite a few over at Mookville, which is a REALLY nice, albeit small, but cozy community.

List threads-like when you make lists. Meaning, Wing would never let you say Hi to Opal.
Hell, Wing thinks she’s so big-but Lynn and Tuba would kick her ass all over this board.

Mookville? There’s a place to talk to MBTV/HF posters that’s free of Wing’s evil influence? Tell me more!