Military transportation

I’m trying to surprise my son by showing up at Fort Hood for his promotion ceremony and have found no inexpensive method of getting from Austin airport to Fort Hood. Does anyone know if the military generally runs shuttles from the closest big airport to their major bases for visiting family members?

IME (I’m a military wife, so I’ve been there a few times), the service itself does not operate shuttles back to post, except for servicemembers.

HOWEVER, there are usually private contractors who provide transportation from most airports. You might try getting in touch with the USO at Ft. Hood (there is contact information on that page) to find more information.

I can’t speak to the cost of these shuttles, since I’ve usually driven to visit. (My husband was fortunate enough to be stationed within 10 hours or so of where I was living.)

Congratulations on your son’s promotion!


Thanks Robin. Yeah, the private shuttle charges $140 which I thought was outrageous. I’ll probably end up renting a car, which is cheaper.

You may try flying into Killeen itself, Continental Express. The taxi from the airport to base is about $12, but you need to know an address or building number on base, and check to be sure the taxi is allowed on base. The base is MUCH larger than the town. A guy I work with has a son with 4ID, home based there.

When I drove a cab in Austin we often took soldiers to Ft. Hood for $60. That was 25-28 years ago. An inflation calculator says that should be about $182 now (I bet it’s less). If you can buddy up with up to four others, you can split that between y’all. Call Roy’s Taxi in Austin and ask’em what they’d charge.

If you fly into Killeen, I’d presume you’d have to rent a car there, right? If the case is you’re going to have to rent a car anyway (or are afraid of puddle-jumpers that beat the air into submission to be able to move), Austin’s airport is only a little more than an hour from Killeen, depending on the traffic.

When I was at Ft. Hood, it was an “open post,” meaning you could drive in and get to where you’re going. Does anybody know if it’s still an open post or whether all of the security regulations have changed? There are a lot of entrances, especially on the back-sides.

Also, if you do take a taxi and it’s authorized on post, most of the drivers will know where you want to go by identifying the Unit – 3/58th Avn. for example. Just let’em know barracks or HQ or motorpool. At least I imagine the taxi drivers know. As a pizza-driver (then) I sure as heck knew.

And as long as you’re there, have your boy take you to Belton Resevoir. It’s not a bad puddle for being in Texas.

Finally, lemme ask, what’s he being promoted to?