Milkgate question - a request for thread links

Okay, so in the current Controversial lifestyles thread Shagnasty mentions the infamous thread about ordering milk in a bar, and all the controversy it caused.

I’ve been reading the Dope for aaaages, and have heard about this kerfuffle quite a few times, but if I’ve ever read the actual thread involved I’ve forgotten it. I searched with several different terms in different formations (milk, bar, order, ordering) but can’t seem to find it.

Was it one thread or was there an original thread and a pitting to go with it?

And my main question is, does anyone have a link to the thread(s) in question? Either my search skills are crap or there was no mention of ordering milk in a bar in the thread title.

Thanks in advance, I hope to finally educate myself about Milkgate.

Okay. The original thread is Food Nazis Jess, calm kiwi, yosemite and even sven … front and center, a pit thread posted by elmwood about food pickiness.

On page 13 of that 559-post thread(!), Shagnasty posts the infamous milk anecdote, recounting how his friend Suzie had the temerity to order milk in a bar and reveal her uncouthness for all to see, resulting in a (apparently justified, by his estimation) dumping by her date. Several Dopers disagree that Suzie’s milk-ordering was all that heinous an act, and say so. Vociferously.

Finally, Miller pits Shagnasty in Shagnasty and the Worst Anecdote in SDMB History.

Good times.


Thank you!

Um, there is no page 13. There is only page 12, and then done.

There would be if you showed 40 posts per page. (It’s post 495.) This is why I prefer not to use page numbers.

Is this the kind of thing people point to when they talk about the “Golden Age of the BBQ Pit”?

No, they were referring to the Golden Age in the past tense by then, too.