Zenster banned? I need links

Jeez, I get busy with life for a few days and I miss something.
Can someone supply links to this event?

Have fun.

It had something to do with a perceived thread to a fellow Doper during an argument over illegal parking, which followed some “junior Modding” on Zenster’s part for which he was warned that he was on thin ice.

There’s also a really long discussion re: Zenster’s banning that turned into another one of Diane’s obscenity-filled slingfests (how she slips under the radar is beyond me).

I still miss Zenster :(.

:frowning: Me too.

I think about him every time I visit the Interesting Recipe thread.

My hampster actually did a pretty fast search and I found it. So if the Mods want to close this down so it doesn’t become a luge run down to hell over Saint/Sinner & Mods are out of control/Mods are God argument I won’t complain.

Somebody better call the Waaaaaa-mbulance!

For a newbie, you’re either starting out very bad, or getting right at home quick here.

Sure thing.