What's the WORST SDMB fight among Dopers?


I put this in the Pit because I assume that’s where the candidates for the worst SDMB fight originated. If it’s the wrong place, please, moderators, move it.

So I’ve only been around a few months and have seen some pretty heated verbal assaults, etc. I was just wondering if some of you older members remember anything especially nasty or amusing. :smiley:

I’m not sure this is something good to drag up. Let sleeping dogs lie, IMHO.

But you’re right, there have been some nasty ones.

:Lights pipe: Wellsir, I remember lookin through records from way back in the day and I seem to remember there was one nasty scafuffle amongst the ranks when that one moderator lady was banned somewhiles back.

I also remember the time when Stormfront (nazis, theys is) came to the board and a league of Dopers counterrattacked by going to theirs, there was an argument about that later on. Unfortunately, I missed it because on that day and the day preceding and following it I decided not to log onto the Straight Dope Message Board.

Then there was a couple months ago when, it wasn’t really an organized fight though, everyone was being a real ass to each other in the pit so they had to make a sticky about it. Oh wait…

This is not a good idea.

He started it.

This is a Bad Thing, and I suggest that the OP request the modes to close it.

This is a Bad Thing, and I suggest that the OP request the modes to close it.

A moderator lady was banned?

Was not.



I’m in my Bodoni mode today, but just you wait until I switch over to ultra-Winkelried!

Can they DO that??? :eek:

I think this is a bad idea too, but now my curiosity is up…what would a mod do that was result in being banned?

Somebody fill us newbies in.

Were too.

Yeah, not good times. There have been some real knock down fights that are still simmering. Let’s not drag stuff up.

MOOOOOOOOOOOMMM…Lieu is staring at meeeeeeeeeeee!

I think determine whose base it are seems being biggest fight. HAHAHA

I’m anything but a newbie, but even I had never heard of this! I second the motion. What Mod got banned, and why?

As for me, the worst fight I know of I was actually involved in. Accusations of bad facial surgery, manufacturing child porn, making light of the Holocaust; oh it wasn’t pretty. :frowning:

Most definitely not a good idea. There is enough bile flowing around here without gashing open a duct.

That’s not a proper argument.