Zenster banned? What's all this then?

I hope it’s not rude to ask this question. From what I’ve seen, Zenster seemed like a reasonably civilized git. Sometimes, it’s easy to see why some angry PITA got banned. This one’s a surprise to me.

I don’t read all the forums, so I could have missed his unforgivable offense. I don’t often read the Pit, for example, and if went there and called Cecil a…something I won’t even type, I never saw it.

I’m not here to argue balls and strikes. I just didn’t hear the call.


I haven’t really got a clue on any history or anything, but apparently the last straw was here.

(also, I think that normally threads about stuff like this would go in the BBQ as it has to do with the administration of the board)

Egad! He did fly off the handle, didn’t he? :eek:

I was pretty surprised when I saw it too, but the “you know you were on thin ice” comment leads me to believe he was warned about his attitude. I didn’t think much of his post at the time, but I suppose threatening to beat a person to death with an axehandle for improper parking IS a wee bit over the top.

This does, of course, belong in the Pit, I assume the mods will send it over shortly enough.

Zenster was the recipient of many warnings, some public, some private. I have no desire to rehash all of that because it’s left a bad taste in my mouth, so I ain’t gonna provide documentation. I’ll leave that to someone more industrious, should they wish to search out the public ones.

Off to the Pit.

Within the past week, I believe, Zenster donned a “Junior Mod” hat and commented on someone’s post. A staff member said something along the lines of “We’ve talked to you about ‘junior modding.’ Your posting privileges will be discussed.”

(Paraphrased from memory- don’t quote me boy, I ain’t said sh–.)

The junior modding and warning occured in the thread Mr. Evil Breakfast is served. Pit style. I’m not industrious enough to dig up the rest.

Aw, that’s a pity. I liked the guy. Too bad he couldn’t play by the rules.

Well, this is just distressing. Seems like pretty minor offenses in comparison to all the help he’s given on this board, the cookbooks he’s put together, and the personal bonhommie I’ve seen from the guy. Hell, he even offered to meet up in SF in December while I’m there. If this is the short shrift members are given, I may have to evaluate my continued participation here.

Yeah. I can see why he flew off the candle - parking in fire lanes is simply verboten. But the way he proceeded with it made it justified, I guess - he should’ve stopped flying off the handle after the first post.

Still, I thought he was a reasonable dude. Seeya around, Zenster.

I am always awed at the incredibly short leeway that LONG TIME members are given, and then NEVER a chance to participate again. BANNED forever

A damn shame. :frowning:

Flew off the handle! HANDLE! But candle would work too.

Because… As we all know… Candles are often used as… Trebuchets… By roman… Cats…

Chefguy, about once every couple of months, a long-term, (in)famous poster gets banned, and it always seems like a big deal. But everyone knows the rules for posting here, and they’re pretty easy to follow. Nobody forced Zenster to post about beating someone bloody with an axe handle or arping them with it, and he knew good and damn well that that would violate the rules of the forum.

I, too, appreciated his food advice, just like I appreciated Collounsbury’s perspective on the middle east and december’s poetry. (Okay, that last one’s a lie). But the host gets to set the rules, and none of these long-term posters had any excuse for not following the reasonable rules.

Were I you, I’d only re-evaluate my membership if I was going to have trouble refraining from threatening to rape other board members with an axe handle.


Not true. I believe he can apply to the mods for reinstatement after a certain cooling off period has elapsed. He even gets his post count back. :eek:

Lesseee. We’ve had december, Colounsbury(sp?) and now Zenster all long time posters, just wiped out in the blink of an eye. :wink:



Originally posted by Zenster
Second; county, were you to be illegally parked in a fire lane and caused my residence to burn a millisecond longer than it needed to, you’d likely be the recipient of more than a lovetap or two. Personally, I don’t think an axe handle could stand up to the wear and tear I’d put it through. Then again, maybe I’d just find a nice warm (ungreased) place to hide it and call it quits. Darkhold, was that the “Five Cars or Less” fire lane or the regular one?

Zenster, you knew you were on damn thin ice. You’ve also been around long enough to know that threatening people IRL is not allowed. Goodbye.

I’m closing this thread.

For the Straight Dope[/quote]

That was a threat?

<Looking left, tugging collar>

For one thing, banning is, in my understanding, not a life sentence. For another thing, warnings are typically ample 'round here – I think this action may well have been more preemptive than punitive. For yet another thing, Chefguy, you’re a swell fellow. Please keep on keeping on.

Finally, I’m surpised this thread hasn’t been closed. Questions about banning should be directed to the mods via email, if for nothing more than the preservation of the bannee’s dignity.

I think “don’t be a jerk” means “don’t crawl up my ass”.

And techchick got banned earlier this month, after she had a five-alarm melt down and threatened to hack the boards in her LiveJournal.

Oh, no! The loss of income would cripple the Chicago Reader. Oh, wait…