Why'd you lock my tipping thread, Twix?

It didn’t belong in CS, so blame Idle Thoughts if you like, but people got it, and they were having fun.

Sorry, forgot thelink.

Because this is a serious place, damn it! For serious discussions!

Conversations about edible anuses and celebrity urination are one thing, but you went too fucking far.

I knew this post would be here, so I came over to say I knew this would be here.

That was really you? I thought maybe e.fred had hacked your account. :stuck_out_tongue:

I predict that she will come in with a [Moderator Speaketh] tag, announce that she’s thought it over and will reopen the thread and move it to MPSIMS with no admission that she was wrong.

I have to assume Idle didn’t actually read it. I don’t know where it started, but it belonged in the Pit (since it’s a parody thread).
“The Mod In Question” should have just kicked it that way instead of closing it because she didn’t like the joke. Her sense of humor or whether or not she has a headache shouldn’t decide which threads get to live and die on that particular day.

I knew it too, so I came here and now I kinda got no purpose anymore…:frowning:

I’d add to this some sort of headache/lack of sleep/general stress/etc.

Wait a… WHAT?! :confused:

Just where are these conversations about edible celebrity anuses?

Gotta say, gang, your snide comments predicting what I’m going to say don’t exactly make me feel like doing what you want me to do.

Agree, Idle Thoughts probably hadn’t actually read the thread – rather than closing it, I should have moved it back to MPSIMS and told him why. So I’ll do that now.

What can I say, you’re just so darn predictable.

Apologies. It had gotten two reports about it needing to be moved to CS and when I checked them, I saw it to be about restaurants (tipping in restaurants specifically), and moved it there only from the title (and reports).
My guess is the reporters might not have read the thread either.

I’ll make sure to give a more thorough look next time.

Ah, the old, “I was going to behave responsibly as a mod, until you people made me not want to” gambit. Well played.

Better played.

Hey Twix
Don’t make it bad
Take a sad song
And make it better…

*It’s a joke set to the Beatle’s ‘‘Hey Jude’’, in case it isn’t obvious…

Good thing this thread wasn’t… :rolleyes:

With the exception of the [the mod in question speaks] tags and the vague complaint about a headache, I think the thread was quite predictable.

She had full discretion. She could have “behave[d] responsibly as a mod” by telling TriPolar to open a new thread. I think she showed considerable restraint in not doing that. If it were me, if you brought up something in public when the mods have repeatedly said they prefer you ask in private first, I would deny you just on that.

The funny thing is that you did the exact same thing she did. You chastised her for being childish and rude.