Millennium Frenzy

Of course, there’s several people predicting all kinds of changes in the world when the millenium passes (whether you want to say it’s this year or the next). They range anywhere from Y2K to complete destruction of the world.

I’m not worried about that (well, actually I am somewhat worried about Y2K–I think it is entirely possible that it could have a profound impact on the world economy, but that’s beside the point of this post). What I worry about are the lunatics who decide to actually CAUSE destruction at the turn of the millennium. We’ve already seen precursors; for example, the Japanese cult that gassed the Tokyo subway system. I just saw today that the US officially announced a warning for all travellers abroad during the approaching new year to be watchful for terrorist activity. I’m sure there will be threats within our own country (and others), most of which we’ll never hear of, which may be best, in some sense (the sense that hopefully it will never actually happen). I’m planning on being in New Orleans for the New Year, but it makes me think twice about being in a populous area during that time.

Do you think I’m blowing this out of proportion, or do you think there’s a very real possibility of disaster over the next year?

Never underestimate loonies.

I don’t think there is much to worry about, but the whole problem with loonies is that they are rather unpredictable. I’m planning to do exactly the same thing we always do on New Years Eve – have a small party with some friends.

Besides, the new millennium isn’t for another year anyway…

The State Dept’s worldwide travel advisory is here and it’s a bit extraordinary. My parents are completely flipping out about my travel plans, but I’ll be in the Republic of Ireland, which I think is pretty safe. Actually, I’m hoping the Y2K bug disables all the airplanes, leaving me stranded there for a while :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think there’ll probably be a bomb or two somewhere. But I wouldn’t miss the party worrying about it.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised by how stupid most people are. Case in point: The year 2000 is somehow significant to some people. And I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised at how stupidity and violence seem to go together (for example: that doctor commits abortions and kills babies! Kill the fucker!).

I’m generally not the paranoid type, but I would stay out of Times Square this year. It just seems like the biggest target in the US for psychos.

If you saw NBC’s farce “Y2K”, all planes that are crossing the international date line will fall out of the air.

FWIW, I heard a little more on the news tonight on the reason for issuing the travel warning.

It seems that a couple of Bin Ladin’s followers (in custody) mentioned that there have been plans to attack major Christian gatherings at the start of the millennium, in particular, Jerusalem and Rome.

Peter North wrote:

Heck, I’m surprised they didn’t just have all the planes explode in midair.

(What else would you expect from the same bunch that gave us the oh-so-accurate NBC movie Asteroid?)