Minecraft: Mods

I’m heard the words every father hates to here:
“Dad, can you install mods for Minecraft?”

So I did the research, had my eyes glazed over with peeling apart the .jar file and download these four dependencies ,and ‘minecraft has crashed’, and discovered that mods for one version don’t necessarily work for another version.

I then discovered a program launcher, which also neatly handled the memory allocation issues I was having.

But where the hell do you get mods that aren’t completely wrapped in ‘download helpers’, adware, and crap?

Every repository I’m finding is slathered in Ad crap, great big Download Here blinking buttons, and the other crap you see from the less savory parts of the internet.

Try going from a kid that’s never downloaded anything to ‘fully educated in the ways of the internet’ in an evening.

Is there a good, safe, crap-free repository for minecraft mods and texture packs? I just built this windows 7 box, I’d just as soon not have to de-louse it due to something he’s downloaded.

I wish I could help you. I’ve never found anything like that. Finding and installing minecraft mods usually involves registering on some website, putting up with ads that can’t be blocked easily, avoiding fake download links, etc.

I’d be interested if there is a better way, too.

Tell ya what I’m gonna do. :smiley:

I’ma gonna use a VM, download the crapware, pull the meaty goodness out of it, and host it on my webserver.

I’ll post here when it happens.

Curse looks like it is what you’re looking for. I haven’t tried it yet for Minecraft, but I’m very happy with it for World of Warcraft.