Minecraft PC Mods for Novices?

My little ones love Minecraft. We had the versions on the iPad/iPhone and then the PS3. Now my daughter would like the PC version for her birthday.

I’m told you can get mods for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and New York City. Where others have built the worlds for exploration/playing. But I am wary to download off of Google searches. Are they any tried and true links where (and how) I can download these things?

I did a search and found this thread, but the process seems pretty complicated. However, that was nearly 2 years ago, so perhaps something’s better come along?

She wants both the “lands” (like Middle Earth) and “characters” (like Avengers). I don’t mind paying a little to avoid “Click the monkey for free Minecraft mods” sites. I got them texture packs and skins for the PS3 with no problems.

Planetminecraft dot com has a mods and a texture pack sections. Browse through there. Adventure maps would be in the “project” section, I believe. Any mod or map that requires “Forge” is going to be a touch more than novice level to install, IMO.

Also go to to the forums on minecraft.net, and browse through there for leads.

There are a couple “mod pack” sites I like: Technic and Feed the Beast. Those came with batch files that installed a new launcher in it’s own subfolders, so that your base minecraft install does not get overwritten. Both of those launchers come with quite a few option mod packs to pick from. The FTB launcher comes with texture packs, too!

Texturepacks can be accessed by downloading the texturepack folder and placing it in the resourcepack folder in .minecraft which you can find by searching for %appdata%. Then when you boot up minecraft and go into the options there’s a button labeled Resource Packs that opens a menu to choose from the various packs you have available.

Skins, I think can only be changed by uploading a .png file to the profile section of the minecraft account.

I find most of my texturepacks, skins and maps through minecraft.net and planetminecraft.