Minimizing scratches on leather chair?

I have a aniline leather chair with some very slight wax/protective coating. I also have a new kitten. Therefore, there are a few scratches on the chair; they are not deep, about the same as I can do with my fingernail with a light scratch. I understand the leather’s going to look a bit battered anyway with time (the leather does not have the very protective coating other leathers do), but I’d like to minimize the look of the new scratches. Is there anything that can be done? Some places recommended rubbing your finger on a scratch and it will go away “with time” but I’d kind of like something that would work reasonably quickly.

Oh, I’ve been there. Restoration Hardware makes a really good wipe/cleaner/moisturizer-type thing for leather furniture that does a very nice job of minimizing scratches. For deeper scratches, I’ve had really good luck using a matching-color shoe polish to restore color. The texture of the scratch will still be there in those cases, but it will be very hard to see it.

Thanks Beadalin, I just got the stuff at Restoration Hardware and it works great. The scratches are barely visible now. Of course the kitten had to hop on the chair while I was cleaning it and I wasn’t sure how non-toxic the stuff was, so there was some kitty paw-washing and now there are scratches all over me. :slight_smile: