Minor rants.

This is very minor for a pitting, but man I cannot wait until my household goods arive. Of course I’ve only been back in the US for 2 days, so I’m living in a motel room with the wife and cats. (we’re going house hunting later)

But her constant channel flipping drives me insane. Thats why we have 2 TVs. Early in our marriage I couldn’t take the constant changing of channels. Granted we don’t actually like to watch the same things, but man, she flips channels like crazy. In our first home when we had one TV I once took the batteries out the remote to stop her. It was the only way I could see an entire episode of anything.

we were watching the news waiting for election results yesterday. They say “we’ll be back with results from these states after this message”. She flips the channel. By the time she finshes cycling through channels I miss what the news guy was going to say. I had to take the remote.

I understand why she does it. She doesn’t like this or that comeercial, she can’t stand this or that actor, etc. But man, it makes me crazy. I know, its minor. But I’m trying to watch the news this morning and she flipped the channels so much I gave up. I’ll just buy a stinkin’ paper.

I’ll add one more minor pitting. I haven’t seen this for years having been in a quiet Bavarian village for the past few years. A car passed me yesterday while I was walking to the a nearby convenience store. I could hear the stereo on it before I could see the vehicle and after it had passed me and was almost out of sight. I sure haven’t missed people that blare their car stereos like the world cares what they listen to. The bass alone was deafening. If I had my way people that do that would be prohibited from owning radios and any other music playing equipment in their cars for a year. Maybe I’m just getting cranky in my old age.

My husband’s tv-watching habits are one of the things I like least about him, too. The channel-flipping. The volume. The shows he stops on even though he knows I despise them. Ugh.

In his case, the channel-flipping is because he’s just convinced, I think, that he *must *be missing something better on another channel. :smack:

yeah, why don’t they understand the mute button is a better option? With the sound down, you can just ignore the TV for a few minutes, and not miss anything.

We used to have this problem too. I threw out the remote. Now if we want to change the channel we have to get up to do it.

Problem solved.

Considering the quality of programming these days, that’s not an irrational desire. Unfortunately, all he channels are that way.:frowning:

MMMmmmm. Tivo. Can’t remember the last time I couldn’t FF through a commercial.

The motorcycle thread got me thinking about this rant from about seven years ago. It still pisses me off just a teensy bit.

I was music directing an operetta. There were something like 15 parts for the orchestra members. We had some of them on hand, but it seems that the woodwind and brass parts had taken a walk. That was 9 parts that were missing.

It was the orchestra manager’s job to hunt down some new ones. She found them at another theater group. They wouldn’t lend us the parts, but they were happy to rent them to us. They wouldn’t rent us just what we needed, though. We had to take all 15 parts. The price of the rental? $300. Being that we were on a tight budget, that meant that the male chorus was going without costumes.

The OM was a little dismayed at this, but what choice did she have? There was no other place in the known universe to rent the parts from. And she was reluctant to approach the producer about it, because she knew he’d give her a hard time about it. It was a mess.

So one afternoon I decided to make a little call to the publisher of the scores. Would they rent parts to us? Nope, but they were happy to sell them to us. The whole set? No, just the ones we needed. The cost? $10 per part. I placed an order right then.

The OM got pissed at me for going over her head.

I feel ya about the channel changing. My husband must not lay eyes upon a commercial, or else! Instead he goes to another channel which either sucks (in which case, why are we even watching a tiny, senseless fragment of it) or doesn’t suck (in which case, you’d better enjoy it fast because in a moment we have to go back to the first channel).

Let’s see, I’m feeling ranty today:

My husband is very difficult to deal with lately because he’s quitting smoking, so we’re all walking on eggshells already. Then last night, his teenage son (who has been at his mom’s house for the last month) moved back in with us. Dealing with the kids is a strain for us under normal circumstances, so this does not bode well.

At work, I have been asked to estimate our costs for phone service, postage, and office supplies, and find out what the pros and cons would be to move part of our lab elsewhere. Um, I am a minimally educated and paid employee whose main duty is answering the phone. I don’t have the least idea what to do about this, although I have stepped up the hand-wringing to max levels. I think it’s probably a devious way of getting my husband to take on this project without asking him directly (See above re difficulty, eggshells).

Last but not least, the ex-husband has cancelled his supervised visitation with my son for the third or fourth week running because he is sick. He is very likely going into the hospital (and when he does, I will take my son to see him). The ex can croak when he likes so far as I’m concerned, but my son is taking this all very hard. I haven’t told him yet about this latest cancellation.

And the kids’ report cards sucked!

I recently started working on my masters in public policy. The people in my program are the world’s biggest politics nerds. I guarantee that every single one of us (except the international students, of course) voted yesterday. Apathy? Not a problem. Yesterday was the BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR for us. (We had a school-sponsored event, with pizza and popcorn and CNN on a giant screen.)

And what do we have today? A fucking econ exam. We complained to our professor about the scheduling weeks ago, but she claimed she couldn’t change it.

I just finished.

It fucking sucked.

Dear stupid fucked up neighbors,
Your invisible fence is not an effective way of keeping your dog restrained. You may think it’s funny or not care that your dogs run around the neighborhood. I am appalled. If you choose to have dogs in your household then you should choose to take care of them. I’ve stopped one of you to tell you that you’re dog(s) are loose and ‘I’ll let the owner know’ is not an appropriate response. I don’t care that it’s your roommates dog and he’s at work, if that’s true then it’s your responsibility now.
I’m tired of dragging your dog out of the intersection, while it barks at me, so it doesn’t get hit by a car. This is not the dogs fault.
This afternoon, one of your dogs was out and went into the other neighbors yard and was mauled by the restrained dogs that live there. I talked to animal control while you were at the vet and let them know that this is not an isolated thing and unless you do something it’s just going to happen again. Sadly there is little they can do about it since you ‘technically’ are restraining your dogs.
It is sad sad sad that poor little dog had to pay the price of your irresponsibility and the lot of you are a bunch of cuntwhistles if this doesn’t teach you a lesson.