Minute rants. Add your own.

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I was watching TV last night and saw a commercial for some SUV or another, and this time they were claiming that the SUV was one that was so concerned about safety that they “could almost be said to have a conscience.” Besides that being stupid in it’s own right given we’re talking about machines, one of the safety features they listed was “Pedestrian Impact Zones.” How much of a conscience can manufacturers who are knowingly designing cars for the sort of person who is likely to run someone down have?? Damn appealing ad, that.

Kind of like that Subaru SUV ad where it shows their SUV’s owners out in nature looking at baby deer and whatnot, until the owner of some other SUV comes gallumphing up and scares off all the baby deer, because Subaru’s SUV is SO MUCH MORE environmentally concious that those other SUVs.

I hate that ad.

Minute rant- what kind of sick fuck archetect designs a large public building without at least a small roof or niche outside each entrance so that people can get their fucking umbrella open and closed while staying dry? The sickest of the sick fucks, that what kind of archetect.

Why, oh, why must airports put all the good stuff on the wrong side of the security gate?!?! FUCK I hate that. Smoking lounge, please, if you expect me to be polite to you and also show up two hours ahead of when the plane departs. Some older airports I can understand, security measures have changed over the years, but when you redesign a whole friggin concourse put a little thought into the people that pay for your fucking service, eh?

aint it the way,

you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…
You’ve paid paridise to put up a parking lot…

(Bolding mine)
Amen. A bar that allows smoking will only make them money, but I guess they don’t need anymore of that.

Brutus, did you feel the need to bold the WHOLE quote? I’m impressed. Thank you. ::many giggles:: :smiley: Much love…I’m no good at ranting here…

With (your) apologies to artist Joni Mitchell, I think you meant:Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
The song being Big Yellow Taxi, from her Ladies of the Canyon album of 1970. :wink:

Minute rant. People that post song lyrics should at least get the fucking things right, Ryan_Liam:

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

My peeve is people who misquote songs. :smiley:

My actual peeve is people who don’t get my oh-so-subtle message that I’m not one for idle chitchat to fill time. Like at the check-out counter:
Her - “So, how’s your day going?”
Me - “Fine.”
Her -“Look’s like nice weather outside.”
Me - “Yup”
Her - “Blahblahblah, blah, blah?”
Me - “Can you not take a friggin’ hint? I don’t want to talk to you! It’s nothing personal, and I’m sure you’re a very nice person, but I’m just running some errands, and I’m not a very chatty person, and I have stuff going on in my head, and I just want to pay my money and get on with my day.” (Well, maybe I don’t say it, but I think it at her really loudly.)

Would people please not block the entire aisle in the supermarket?! I can see what I want – it’s just the other side of you. Please let me get to it!


<TMI warning>

Why does shit have to smell… like shit? Evolution really dropped the ball on that one. Soon as radical genetic modification is a weekend procedure I’m having a scentless digestive tract installed. Wings too.

Dear God in Heaven, thank you both danceswithcats and Desmostylus. I wouldn’t have been so nice about it. :wink:

You’ve “paid paradise”? Agghh!

Have you heard the Counting Crows cover of it?
It’s great.

::wanders away singing “Big Yellow Taxi”::
Oh, my rant? People who misquote songs, of course!

Stop in a firelane ONLY to drop off a passenger, or pick one up. Four way flashers are an indicator that you are an asshat, and you should be forced to consume your driver’s license, without peanut butter. :wally

For the past week, I’ve had a persistent cold that has been kicking my ass.

I’m getting very tired of it.

I caught the brand new matrix 2 trailer halfo wiay throo!

The aluminum foil baking pans should be stocked with the cake mixes and the flour, NOT IN THE FREEZERS SECTION. Why would I look for cake pans in the FREEZERS SECTION?! The store could have at least had a sign that said “baking pans in the FREEZERS SECTION” but NOOOOOOOOOO! I had to walk around aimlessly with my Jiffy corn bread mix in one hand and the box of roach motels in the other, until I accidently noticed them suspended above the Budget Gormets. What if I hadn’t done that? I wouldn’t have been able to make my delicious, lard-laden corn bread, that’s what!

If you’re so stupid that you think that drinking two bottles of Robitussin is a good way to get high, do NOT come to my house and act like an ass. My son has enough problems. We do NOT want to attract the police.


Sunday papers. To be precise: 368 Sunday papers, which is what I will be delivering by myself tomorrow morning, in the snow.

I love my job, really I do. Except on Sundays. Then I am permitted to hate it for the 6 hours or so that it takes to deliver all those papers. This time tomorrow, I’ll LOVE my job again, and the next Sunday will be far, far in the future.

karol, aka papergirl