minutea obfusura etc

feel free to regard, or not. Participation is not an option. You have just participated. Was your participation worth your investement? did your result seem apparent or in direct proportion to absolute and total relevance. Is anyone picking this up? Is me pickup up on something significant? If not, then maybe I should I liearn to regard myself a bit more highly. If it is significant then who the hell am I? Do I have the option of participating in myself? If I won’t who will?

What do really old gothykids end up at the end of the evening? blarg. Or dont.

Is there a point here?


D.F.A. stands for Denotes Fuck All.

Or, as my dear great-aunt used to query: Why is a mouse when it spins?
Answer: The higher, the fewer. (Of course.)

God, I miss her.

Sometimes it’s best not to think too much…


I want a preat monkey butler.

Gee, this simply defines Mundane and Pointless, doesn’t it?

Er, Gotham City? IIRC, really, really old gothkids are called Gothegenarians.

I think I just blarged in my pants.