Miracle Cross?

OK, (I suppose I this could be yet another pitting of Fox News) but I’ve noticed news channel running a before/after pic of the Ground Zero Cross

Is it just me, or do they not realize this is obviously not the same cross?

From what I can tell this is the original cross.

Wikipedia’s entry on the trade-centre cross.

Thank you Obi Wan.

…except Wikipedia makes no reference to the pictures in my OP but thanks for playing.

Maybe I wasn’t clear in the OP but in the first link, the cross on the left is not the one used in the memorial.

I’m getting a bit confused here… the one on the left of your first link also is clearly not the same as the one in your “from what I can tell” original cross. Notice the orientation of the vertical I beam.

The after (right) picture in the link matches the one in your “from what I can tell” second link pretty closely.

Why…it’s almost as if there were THOUSANDS of different spots where two beams crossed each other at right angles!

If a giant Star of David showed up intact in the wreckage – that would be a miracle.

Your post kicking off your trainwreck contains no reference as to what you are talking about, period. Not everyone’s existence revolves around two beams meeting at right angles, thereby demanding a religious name, any more than everyone’s life revolves around miracle sticky buns and burnt toast.

Your post is parochialism at its worst.

My post supplies everything yours lacks. Like WTF you’re talking about.

According to my calculations, there were precisely six-hundred and sixty-six.


“No, Ray! Nobody Ever made them like this! I mean, the architect was either a certified genius or an authentic wacko…!” -Ghost Busters


According to my calculations, there were precisely six-hundred and sixteen. Hmm? Perhaps a translation error.


WTF are you on about, son? This ain’t about finding Jesus’ image in the back of your drawers, it’s about an error in picture selection that ran over several media sources unchecked.

Since this is MPSIMS, I felt like pointing it out. That’s it.
I don’t have to, but I’ll clarify things for you.

FOX News (among others) posted a story regarding the “Miracle Cross” AKA World Trade Center cross, also known as the **Ground Zero cross **discussingit’s discovery, preservation, relocation, memorialization, and yes, it’s controversy. During the story, they repeatedly ran this picture , a side by side before and after pic and more pictures of the current memorial.

The point is, how could anyone miss that those are not the same "two beams meeting at right angles", especially, when any dumbass can pull up the Wiki page and see in the image provided that the beams are not the same ones as the memorial nor any other image of the "cross".

I find it hilarious that someone did that much “factual” research for their story, ran with the wrong picture, others picked it up, shared it, and didn’t notice either. That’s it! YMMV

Not everyone in the entire world gets or watches or wants to get or watch Fox Fucking News. The OP is without a frame of reference, so I supplied one. Outside the U.S., the World Trade Center isn’t a cultural icon like fucking Christmas. The reason for the link began and ended there. Jesus.

Maybe y’all hate Sparky for reasons I don’t know about, or simply have knee-jerk reactions to anything “religious”, but he has a valid point.

Whatever one may think of the “WTC cross”, if Fox is showing that linked image as “before and after”, then they are stupid, because it clearly is not the same. It shows Fox can’t even get simple facts correct.

It also shows that the “true cross-ness” is imaginary. If there were so many “crosses” in the rubble that even the true believers can’t keep them straight, then maybe (just maybe!) God had nothing to do with the cross being left as a “sign” (of what, exactly was never said), and it’s actually just two pieces of metal with no significance. But don’t mention that to Fox viewers - they’ll get upset.

Knock it off. No more sniping. If you want to discuss things in a civilized manner go ahead. If not take it to the Pit.

FTR, I don’t watch FOX News, I am not religious, I am not American nor do I live in the US. It was on the anniversary of 9/11 and the story came across my web news feeds several times.

You can take your assumptions and move along.

Exactly. Thank you.

It’s probably as simple as they googled for an image then picked the first result without even looking at the details.

If this is a “genuine” “holy” “relic”, then God clearly got the shit beaten out of him that day, and a big taste of hellfire too. The conclusion it leads me to is that Christians picked the wrong team to root for.