Miraculously Turn Your Child's Behavior Around in One Minute

More like an impatient program…

I was thinking that they meant a 1-minute beating every time the kid acted up.
“When your arm starts cramping, you can stop…”
I’m glad to see that the program appears to be closer to breaking parents of bad parenting habits that those parents should have known would fail anyway.

I’ll be buying this. Do you think it will make any difference that my kids are 20 and 25?

How bout the Dennis Leary method? “I don’t believe in yelling at my kids. I find that speaking to them calmly and firmly while waving a gun around is just as effective.”

It’s basically as Gus Gusterson described above - parenting lessons for idiot parents.

I did a little research on this out of curiosity, and while the scripts may take one minute, the parents get a tape (?), book and workbook with 7 lessons. Each lesson is supposed to be done over a week. So it’s actually a seven week course on how to be a parent.

Lord knows I know enough people who need this…