mirror-image moose (translation question)

It’d make an original user name, no? Bullwinkle’s evil twin, perhaps. :slight_smile:

I was reading a description of a web game on a German website. Because I don’t know German, I ran it through http://babelfish.altavista.com/translate.dyn. I know that won’t give me a good translation, but I thought I’d at least get an idea of what was said. It rendered the words “putziges Spielchen” as “putziges mirror-image moose”.

Interestingly, all the online translators I tried gave me the same result. I guess that means they’re all using the same basic software (maybe InterTran).

Translating the second word back to German got me “Spiegel-Bild Elche”.

I think the “-chen” ending is a diminutive (liebchen, mädchen). Babelfish tells me “spiel” means “play” and “putz” means “finery” (I know what it means in Yiddish :slight_smile: ).

So my guess is “putziges Spielchen” means something like a “nice little game”. But what would a good translation of the phrase be?

I believe it means

Cute little games.