Misread thread titles

Turtles under Irish sea with underground roundabout at Isle of Man

The congestion is hellish during rush hour.

Pizza cockfighting

The delivery boys have to be reeeal careful. And not expect a tip.

I’d run a mile for a camel.

I was expecting something about someone willing to run a mile to obtain a Camel cigarette. Although I am skeptical of a smoker’s ability to actually run that distance.

Australian Door Kabobs!

It’ll be a struggle getting those monsters on the barbie.

A Question About Avian Gait

My first thought was, 'Who’s Avian Gait? I’ve never heard of the guy."

Defending Statins (if you had to)

Defending Satan

iPhone texting back

I hate it when they become sentient with the new upgrade.

When Are Cities Necessary, And When Are They Not?

^Exactly the one I came here for.

Band names that have a reputation for long lasting goods

I could name a few…


Not the Ramones: their goods only last a couple minutes.

:joy: Yeah, better nominate Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes or some other proggies.

Do Radio Shack Jocks Still Exist?

Nope, everyone at Radio Shack was a nerd.

Yeah, that has to be in the top 10 of thread titles I’ve read the most and still misread every time. It’s not quite “horizontal buttonholes”, but it’s up there.

The Mel Brooks allegations against Trump

“Why didn’t someone tell me his ass was so big?”

Bitter Coffee From Pods? Folgers?

I hope not!

[Sell me (or don’t) on paddling your urine river

It doesn’t sound quite as bad as being up shit creek with or without a paddle, but still yucky.

I found how to make out with an owl