Misread thread titles

On “artwork” and necessary labour

I give you: “Leaf by Niggle”!

A May 30 MPH

Do Swedish Fish Pepper Their Guests?


Revised Policy on Ants

It’s about time.

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

PIV golf tees off. Reminds me of the possibly apocryphal declaration of a multi-round tournament winner to be the “intercourse champion”.

The lack of our past is gone

Not a thread title, but I was looking at a schedule of activities for visitors to Ohio, and one was Picnic With The Pope.

Sounds a bit formal, but I’ll bet Francis has access to really good potato salad and can put on quite a spread.

*actually it was Picnic With The Pops (Columbus Symphony).

I just realized what passes the bechamel test.

Mmmm, creamy bechamel sauce…

Legal beatles and pedants

melbourne or bananarama

It’s a real stretch, but I’m posting it here because I have no idea why my brain read it that way.

AC/DC Year Dating Question

Yeah, I have no idea how to tell their early stuff from their later music.

Do you eat restaurants with NO television sets?

I actually prefer restaurants sans TV sets and with a dash of cayenne. Plus, there’s not much nutritional value for humans in all those digital components and they get stuck in my teeth.

Has annoying music ever driven you out of business?

Man Wards off Emus with Poodles

I was just coming to post that!

Fifi et Pierre are real rowdies when it comes to defending their master!

Kelly Montieth would not be amused.

My crouton bloomed!

Exactly what I wanted to post! I was beginning to wonder if croutons grow on trees…

Evacuating Kamala Harris

C’mon, things haven’t gotten that bad.