Misread thread titles

Any interest in an SDMB pornography competition?

I mean, if you win a round, you get to pick the next theme…

Name box/Go to hell in Excel

Oh yes, I went to hell and back with Microsoft products…

I miss WordPerfect. :sleepy:

Another mis-parsed, but not misread:

Drag Story Time

I interpreted it as “Time for stories about drag”, as in the poster wanted us to share our drag related stories.

Ah, not a command to “Time to talk shit about Story Time” then.

I honestly thought it was going to be about drag racing.

Need Help with Weird Florida Oddities

I am sooo tired of everything being about Trump and DeSantis.

Test thread — to test things out. Do not look!

Okay, I won’t.

How to frame a large poster?

I parsed that all wrong !

World cup betting odds and genatalia.

Were pre-modem doctors any good?

Before AOL, all we had was entrail-reading and purging of bad humors.

At least the pre-modem ones wouldn’t go on your nerves with all that beeping.

Plant a dozen Wendy’s triple cheeseburger wrappers in their trash?

That should do it !

Are there stores that sell extremely expensive vet items to customers?

Help me understand “Cunnilingus” and “Loab”

Avenging Ratios

Hello, I am 1 : 4. You killed my father., 1 : 2. Prepare to die.

Lions try a walkout

C’mon guys, I know the Thanksgiving game against the Bills was a heartbreaker, but you have a good chance against the Jags this Sunday!