Miss Piggy... a cannibal?

Has anyone seen the Denny’s commercial, where Miss Piggy and Kermit are out to eat, and the waitress tells them about the Grand Slam breakfast, which consists of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage?

Miss Piggy Orders THREE of them for herself.


She’s hitting the Sadistic Snuggle Bear leagues now!

Ewww-I never liked that prissy pig anyway.

I noticed that (at least in the radio version of the commercial) the waitress does not specifically mention the bacon and sausage when describing the contents of the meal. Glad to see I’m not the only one who has these demented thoughts!! :smiley:

On that same note… Donald Duck eats an awful lot of some type of poultry in his cartoons. Does that make him a cannibal?

Pigs aren’t exactly known for their pickiness when it comes to food.

Of course, this does give new meaning to the saying “You are what you eat.” :smiley:

Hay Now, Miss Piggy is a wonderfull example to all of Swinedom. How can you cast aspursion upon the modivation of such a beloved actress and TV star.

Back in the 70’s the following exchange was overheard between Miss Piggy and The great Gonzo. It actually was recorded and is still available.

MUPPETS SINGING: Now bring us our figgy pudding, now bring us…"

MISS PIGGY: Did they say PIGGY Pudding ?!?!
GREAT GONZO: No Figgy Pudding. It’s made with figs.
MISS PIGGY: Oh (prsumably happy with responce)
GREAT GONZO: And bacon.
MISS PIGGY: Arrrggghhh !..

IT was rumored this exchange was followed by a wallop to his big honker. To which Gonzo responds by starting such an uproar that John Denver had to break them up.

I say to you sir, that the above only proves where Miss Piggy’s true feelings lie on the matter. She’s only doing those comercials because she has been forced by Disney to do such demeaning work.I saw her just last week on HollyWood Squares and I was shoked that she’d lower herself to such mundane standards.


my wife and I caught this the first time we saw it. it didn’t surprise either of us.

she’s such a pig!

God was my Co-pilot, but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him.

She’s a pervert.
She wants sex with frogs.

Well Bosda, the French ARE said to be great lovers…

hehe cehck this:


And we all remember why Miss Piggy can’t come to the phone…

Silence of the Pigs…

That was a joke, I know … but in the interest of promoting knowledge, I must jump in here to remind (or inform) everyone that the Muppets are not and never have been owned by Disney. They were close to making a deal when Jim Henson died, and all sorts of legal wrangling went on (which incidentally, did not make Disney look good). The deal fell through, and though some partnership agreements were made and still exist (MuppetVision 3D among the most visible), the relationship between the Henson company and Disney was seriously strained for a long time.

Currently, the Henson Company and all its characters (except for the Sesame Street characters) are owned by a German company – EMTV. (EMTV is in serious financial trouble, though, so there are all sorts of rumors about the Muppets going up for sale.)

Now, back to the pork, sausage, ham, and bacon jokes. :smiley:
(Those meats are also known as the “magical animal” meats.)

Muppets shilling for fast-food joints. Jim Henson is spinning in his grave. What’s next, George Foreman and the Swedish Chef?

The horror… the horror…

I always assumed that Miss Piggy was to regular pigs what humans are to silver backed apes. So, unless me eating ape meat is considered cannibalism she is not a cannibal.

Obligatory Dr. Fun link.

(And if you’re still in a Muppet mood.)

Anyone read the Narnia books?

They have talking beasts, which are animal shaped humans, basically, and dumb beasts, which are supposed to be looked after, but this includes getting eaten.

Like what Amp said.

I’ll bite…

She has a frog in her throat?

mais OUI!

(I used that once on a trainer of mine. He was coughing, clearing his throat, etc. - and I giggled as I said:

“Whazza matter, Ron? Frog in your throat?”
Pause. He stares at me quizzically: “Why are you laughing?”
“Ron, isn’t your boyfriend French?”
(In fact, not only is Ron’s boyfriend French, but very hot…)

I had to run from the locker room. Ron’s a big guy but damn does he move fast…

Inquiring this in the mildest way: By whom?