Missed Renewal Deadline

I just returned from the hospital after a two month stay and missed the notification that my charter renewal was about to expire. Is there any way for an exception to be made in my case? I’ve been with the 'Dope for over ten years and would like to return to my original status.

Generally, this isn’t something we do any more, but being in the hospital seems to be a pretty good excuse. Send me a PM and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Do you have a Doctor’s note?


I’m sure he does. Probably a whole novel.

I, for one, want to hear the story.

Two months in the hospital these days! That’s an eternity. Give him his charter membership back. Give him a title, too.

Hell, yeah! He’s a 99’er. Show him some love.

Yeah. I recommend “Sicky McSickface”. :smiley:

Glad you’re feeling better, Jake.

A friend of mine was rather seriously ill for some time (not hospitalized, but so depressed as to be substantially non-functional), and didn’t read or deal with his e-mail for quite a while. As a result, he discovered too late that he hadn’t paid his medical insurance premiums for two months and has now been irreversibly canceled. :smack:

He hopes to appeal this. He thinks he can get a doctor’s note.

He also discovered, just two days ago, that he is diabetic. :eek:

Thanks, cochrane!

Welcome back to the club!

Did you bring pi?

Yes and it’s* round*.

Thanks RC! It’s nice to be back home!!

Yep, and it cut into 3.14 slices! Dig in!! :slight_smile:


Well, I broke my left hip, pins & plates. Home for recuperation & therapy, when I fell and broke my right hip. (I don’t mess around) Back for more surgery, and this time 52 days in rehab. I’m home now for more (You guessed it) recuperation & therapy.
Thanks for your concern, it really helps. :slight_smile:

Hip, hip, hooray!!!

I will go to Hell now.

Maybe your avatar should be changed from Sarge to Beetle after Sarge has squashed him a few times…:stuck_out_tongue:

I missed my renewal date as well a couple years ago, they did not give back my charter member status.:mad:

I notice Jake still has Charter Member under his name. Yay everybody.