Missing Idaho girl found alive

Shasta Groene, missing from her Idaho home since May 16th, was recognized by a waitress at a restaurant. The whereabouts of her brother, who was kidnapped with her, are unknown and he is presumed dead.


I’m hoping that they find her brother Dylan alive too. I mean, he had to have kidnapped him too for a reason, instead of murdering him when he killed the mother and older brother…

It’s all so bizarre. I mean, why take her to a Denny’s at 2 AM here in town? Did he mean to get caught that night? Everyone in this county knows what those kids look like, and showing up with an 8 year old at a Denny’s at 2 AM is not unnoticable. It makes me come up with all kinds of weird scenarios, like, did he have anything to do with the murders out at Wolf Lodge or not? Did he buy her off the unspoken child-slave trade in Seattle or Vancouver or something and try to drive her back to N.D. and had no idea of where she was from and made a convenient food stop at a random small I-90 town, and oops?
Anyway. At least Coeur d’Alene’s not in the news for neo-Nazis this time. I’m glad she’s safe and I hope the other kid’s alive and well somewhere.

I don’t want to think too hard about what that reason was… poor little kids.

It seems weird to me he was found with the girl. When I first heard they’d found the two of them, and that he was a known sex offended, I thought “Ugh… he’s molesting the girl and got rid of the brother because a) didn’t need him and b) get rid of witnesses.” But when I read the article, it seems he preys on boys, not girls. So why keep her around for six weeks?

I can’t imagine what she’s been through or is going through right now.

Sorry, offender. Not offended. :smack: