Missing Malaysian Plane

Why do you think they don’t’ use clairvoyants / psychics to find out what has become of the missing Malaysian plane?

They have proved through the history and real experience that they could tell some intriguing if not shocking facts about things and people, and you know it.

Psychics and clairvoyants are either terribly deluded or knowing fraudsters, and any official who allows the use of public funds to pay for their services should be charged with a felony.

Aren’t you a few hours late for April Fools?

Might as well try them. Everything else has failed.

I predict the plane will be found in or near a body of water.

…and **TriPolar **wins the thread.

You joke, but…

Is there a missing Malaysian plane? How come there has been nothing about it in the media?

No, they haven’t. And that’s why they’re not used.

Certainly nearer to water than not.

That is not even the least bit true.

And do we really need yet another thread about that plane?

The problem is that a plane is two-dimensional and space is three-dimensional. If it’s turned sideways, we’ll never find it.

I meant the non-paid ones! There are some of them with insight superpowers which they tell it for nothing. They are not after the money, you know that it’s true and hardly ever can say that they’d never met one!

What I know is that is complete and utter bullshit. You sound very young and naive.

As Lord Feldon has said, they have. And their prediction has >99.999% chance of coming true.

Surely surely this is headed for another debate that ends in a no win situation due to unbelief.

If they indeed possess the abilities you claim, pointing out the actual location of the plane would go a long way in providing evidence for the existance of supernatural psychic powers.

And just think of the great advances to knowledge and science! Perhaps you can recommend one or two?

I believe the “unbelievers” win these things pretty much every time.

:smack: D’oh!

I see what you did there. You got me, sir! Good one.

Frankly, I didn’t have any clue that there were plenty of threads about this topic, otherwise I’d have not rolled a new one.

Nevermind that. Honest mistake. Can happen to anyone.

Now, to your free and reliable psychic sources, sir/madam?!..