Mitch Fatel at the MLB All-Star Game

…on The Tonight Show.

Tonight (July 14th) on The Tonight Show, they showed footage of Mitch Fatel at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, talking to some of the players. (Don’t ask me who; I personally don’t follow baseball.)

At the end of the piece, Mitch was talking to/joking around with a player, when this guy cut in front of him and told him - harshly - to get out the way so he could do his “job”. Mitch was somewhat taken aback, but amused. He said something to the guy about asking stupid questions. The guy aggresively grabbed Mitch’s microphone and basically shoved him away.

What I’d like to know is, who was that guy? I think he only had a notepad with him (maybe a tape recorder), but I assume he works for some sort of news outlet. Anybody know? I wonder if the confrontation will make the news somewhere, if it already hasn’t. What a jackass!