Mitnick gets hacked.

Forgive me but I find this hilarious.

As did I… I caught this on HardOCP this morning and sent it to 4 of my buddies in the INFOSEC. And even better, it was informative… I had no idea they had computers in Alaska.


We all have to grow up sometime…

HEY now, dude…we’re almost modern up here. Why our VAXes are wonderfully stable machines. And the Starmaster is a rock-solid access server! Mind you, the max speed is 2400 bps, but it works over a thousand miles of copper cable…

(Well, okay, we replaced the Starmaster five years ago.)

And Slashdot is completely ignoring this story! I submitted this twice and both were rejected and I didn’t even put any misleading links in the text. Sad that they can’t see their emperor has no clothes or laugh about it.

Mitnick uses IIS? ROFL!